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    SMART ADDICTION was founded September 2012. The company was created with the intent to help synchronize the retail and repair experience for the consumer.

    Our team consists of highly skilled technicians coming from a background in mobile retail sales, smart device repairs and customer support. In the years working for the mobile phone industry we have come to notice a large disconnect between employees and customers in the mobile retail sales department.

    motherboard repair

    Technician works

    Customers would often enter a retail location such as; Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, hoping to receive help with a hardware issue found in their device. Unfortunately, none of these companies offered any help with repairs.

    Corporate companies, as such, would and could only offer the purchase of a new device for full price, or to add an additional line to the customers account.

    In some instances, customers were lucky enough to have insurance coverage added to their accounts (for an additional monthly fee) but, even with the coverage, customers faced an obnoxious out of pocket deductible. Our team at Smart Addiction strives for the best customer experience.motherboard repair

    We know the confusion faced when dealing with large corporations and how stressful it can be. We only use the highest quality parts in all of our repairs to ensure the best service. We have the expertise and knowledge to fix any hardware or software issue with your smart device. We do not only specialize in iPhone repairs, we also fix a large assortment of Android devices.

    Our mission is to provide quality repair for smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

    What They Say About Us


    Thorough & honest. Can’t beat the price. Best in the neighborhood. Got my iPhone battery changed in 2021 and still running great.
    Regina Rafailov
    Regina Rafailov
    If you live in the neighborhood, you already know better than to go ANYWHERE else! I’ve been here several times, either for my own cracked screens or for peoples who asked me if I know a spot. Well this is my spot! Got these two good looking dudes behind the counter that have been doing this for over a decade, can’t remember a time they said “naw we can’t” - True professionals! Thanks M&M 😎🤘🏼
    Hargobind Sahota
    Hargobind Sahota
    Great fast cheap can’t go wrong
    Michael Campo
    Michael Campo
    Extremely professional. Very quick and easy repair of my iPhone’s screen. As well as fair pricing
    Damir Kamalov
    Damir Kamalov
    They were amazing, fixed my laptop at an amazing price. Love them.
    Guadalupe Sandoval
    Guadalupe Sandoval
    Great job, my screen is cracked his repair in 30 minutes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.
    Nertil Duraku
    Nertil Duraku
    I don’t have words to explain his professionalism and trust. Ive been going to this store for every device that needed repair in my household, my son just enjoys to crack screens, and i have trusted all my repairs to this guy, no regrets, fast and very reasonable service, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Please continue with this pace. 👍
    Roman Olshansky
    Roman Olshansky
    Extremely knowledgeable staff, great problem solving, high quality and quick service. A very quick fix was performed to my non-functioning/unusable mobile device for a very low price (I had an important scheduled incoming phone call, which I would not have been able to answer without a much-needed quick fix of my mobile phone). Mike came up with a very clever solution to my mobile phone's problem right away, which was a screen replacement. I had my mobile phone back and working within 30 minutes. I am extremely grateful for being able to answer an important scheduled phone call due to the quick fix at "Smart Addiction" today. Thank you.
    Is it worth it to repair an old Laptop?

    If your laptop is only 1 or 2 years old or relatively new, and it costs half or less than half of a new laptop, it’s probably worth fixing. But If the laptop is more than 5 years old or more, and it requires a repair that is more than 30 percent of the cost of a new one, it’s probably best to change it. Generally, it all depends on how much it costs to repair your laptop compared to the age of the laptop.

    How long does it take for a PC to repair?

    At the typical electronics repair store, computer repairs might take anything from a few hours to two to three weeks, depending on schedule and part availability. For instance, while it generally takes hours for a custom PC repair, it takes between 1-10 days to repair the motherboard. However, with the level of experience that our engineers have, every repair procedure is drastically hastened. 

    What is computer installation and repair?

    Computer repair is the process of finding, analyzing, and resolving faults and problems with a malfunctioning computer is known as computer repair. Computer installation is the process of making a computer software (including device drivers and plugins) ready for use involves installing (or setting up) the application. Installation is also the process of specifically configuring software or hardware so that it can be used with a computer. Computer installation and repair entail the fixing of broken computers, cleaning of equipment, and performing routine maintenance. It also entails installing, repairing, or replacing computer monitors, network connections, hard drives, and damaged computer components like video cards or keypads.

    Are drones easy to fix?

    Drone brands and models vary greatly. Depending on your version and the applications for which it is used, all kinds of sensors will be installed on board, including collision avoidance sensors therefore drones are complex, even for experienced technicians. Some types of repairs require specific equipment and special skills.

    What is the life expectancy of a drone?

    Usually it is 1-2 years, depending on how often you use it. In other words, you can expect 150-800 flight hours of a drone, depending on the model of the drone and how the drone itself is maintained, provided that the drone is not damaged in an accident or other event.


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