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    Cell Phone

    samsung cell phoneMechanical damage, shocks, falls, flooding, improper operation and installation of unverified and unreliable software negatively affect the phone, regardless of the model and year of manufacture.

    In these cases, сell phone repair is inevitable and necessary. In order to quickly and efficiently restore the smartphone to working capacity, it is important to turn to professionals – a repair shop, where you will be met by experienced qualified craftsmen with professional technical equipment. Our specialists are engaged in repairs: from simple to the most complex.

    We repair smartphones from all manufacturers! We resurrect your beloved phone. In this case, contacting Smart Addition in Brooklyn is the right decision.

    How Smart Addiction Works
    Free Diagnostic
    Bring your device in and get an estimate. No obligations!
    Easy Approval
    We'll call, email, or text you to approve the repair details. No deposit as long as we have your device at our shop
    Most of the repairs can be done the same or the next day. If specific parts are required, overnight shipping is available
    We provide a 30-day warranty on our labor and part malfunction. Physical Damage is not covered.

    We’ll Fix Your Cell Phone

    Any repair starts with a free diagnostic so you don’t have to pay for repairs you don’t need. In addition, we use only the highest quality parts and back our work with a parts and labor warranty. Best of all, we can usually handle basic services like cracked screen repair in less than an hour.

    Our technicians service all major brands of smartphones and tablets including Apple, Google, LG, Motorola and popular Samsung phones such as the Note10 and Galaxy S10. Need an iPhone battery replacement or Samsung screen repair? We take it upon ourselves. But it doesn’t stop there.

    We Handle Various Problems With Your Smartphone

    Our technicians offer a wide range of repair options beyond phone screen repairs and battery replacements. These additional services include replacing or repairing charging ports, cellular and Wi-Fi antenna cameras, connectors, and so on.

    So, stop using a broken cell phone. Let our experts repair your smartphone so that it is like new again!

    Price list
    Cell Phone Screen Repairfrom 100$30 days
    Cell Phone Battery replacementfrom 40$30 days
    Power Button repairfrom 40$30 days
    Camera Repair from 40$30 days
    Repair (Soldering) of the Motherboardfrom 175$30 days
    Is repairing a phone worth it?

    In most cases, inexpensive screen repairs can extend the life of your device by even years. Repairing a device instead of replacing it means you can use your current smartphone while new technologies are developed and released.

    What are the most common smartphone repairs?
    • Cracked Screen
    • Water Damage
    • Draining Battery
    • Damaged Charging Ports.
    How often should a phone be replaced?

    Most people update their phones for two to three years. In addition, the battery time starts to get annoying and Android phones stop receiving updates. In addition, technology companies usually have enough time to bring some new features that may appear in the future in the phone.

    Which phone has the best lifespan?

    Here is a breakdown of the average mobile life according to the different brands from EverPhone:

    • iPhone – four to eight years
    • Samsung – three to six years
    • Huawei – two to four years
    • Xiaomi – two to four years
    • Oppo – two to three years

    Despite having such a short lifespan, it’s possible to stretch the life expectancy of your smartphone even further with proper care. Some devices can even last upwards of five years if treated gently.

    Why doesn't the phone turn on?

    The main reasons why the phone does not turn on are:

    • the battery is discharged;
    • problems with the charger;
    • possible fall to the floor;
    • contact with water;
    • failure when connected to a charger, etc.
    Why the phone does not see the SIM card?

    As a rule, the smartphone does not see the SIM card in two cases. If there is a violation in the SIM card slot, or if the SIM card itself breaks down. The failure of the card is mainly due to careless handling. Also, an error in operation may be the result of the following breakdowns:

    • breakage of the soldering of the cardholder contacts;
    • failure of the tying elements of the card reader chain;
    • oxidation of contacts in the slot;
    • deformations of contacts of the sim-holder.

    Often the reasons for a non-working SIM card are violations in the operation of the operating system and software due to unsuccessful and incorrect reinstallation of software or OS, as well as phone flashing.


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