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    Get Easy iPhone Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    iPhones from Apple are designed not only for conversations but also to perform many additional functions. iPhone owners constantly have access to the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, take notes and plan a working day.

    The phone becomes an indispensable assistant, so every breakdown of the phone disrupts the usual rhythm of life and becomes the cause of delays and missed meetings.

    If you’re in a similar situation, we’ll do a quick iPhone repair in Brooklyn, call us at Smart Addition for an urgent repair appointment at 718-759-9000.

    Price list
    Screen replacementfrom $150.0030 days
    Battery replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Charging Port cleaning, repair, or replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Back glass replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Button repairfrom $50.0030 days
    Camera repairfrom $75.0030 days
    How long does an iPhone repair take?

    The time it takes to repair an iPhone takes on average 1 to 3 days. If parts are available, the repair will take up to an hour.

    What to do if the iPhone does not turn on after being dropped?

    The consequences of an unsuccessful fall are very different. And even if the smartphone turns on, this is not a guarantee that it will continue to work flawlessly.

    If you dropped your iPhone and it turned off, first try turning it on – in the standard way or by connecting the charger. If these steps do not work, you need to repair your phone. There are many damage options: the departure of one of the cables, the battery being disconnected, a defective microcircuit on the motherboard, etc. Professional diagnostics will determine the exact cause of the problem.

    Why can't my iPhone see Wi-Fi?

    If your smartphone suddenly stopped seeing the wireless network, but it did not fall, did not come into contact with water, you need to turn to professionals. Perhaps the reason is caused by the failure of the Wi-Fi chip. Specialists will disassemble the cell phone, replace the non-working part and assemble everything back. If the reason is different, a more detailed diagnosis will be carried out in order to identify or eliminate defects.

    What if my iPhone or iPad fell into the water?

    No matter how reliable your smartphone or tablet is, any contact with liquid can be fatal for it. And the problem is that the consequences are not always easy to predict. The iPhone may work successfully, but professional diagnostics will show that some components have been seriously damaged and precious time has been lost. Or, if you do not contact the master immediately, you will only find out about it when the gadget fails.


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