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    iPad Battery Replacement in Bay Ridge

    If your iPad’s battery starts to drain faster (or won’t charge) and the gadget only works when plugged in, you need to replace the battery in your iPad.

    At the Smart Addiction service center, you will be given a competent diagnosis to study in more detail the causes of the malfunction. Then our experts will perform an iPad battery replacement to fully restore your device to normal operation.

    Quite often, problems with the battery arise due to moisture getting inside the gadget, but mechanical damage is not excluded. Also, do not forget about the natural wear and tear of the battery, which is inevitable over time. iPad batteries are lithium-polymer, with a high capacity, and can withstand 1000-1500 full charges but they gradually weaken. You should be ready to contact the service center in time.

    One of the most convenient ways to contact us is to leave a request on our website. You can also call us on the phone or come to our office.

    If you want to get quality service, come to Smart Addiction!

    How Smart Addiction Works
    Free Diagnostic
    Bring your device in and get an estimate. No obligations!
    Easy Approval
    We'll call, email, or text you to approve the repair details. No deposit as long as we have your device at our shop
    Most of the repairs can be done the same or the next day. If specific parts are required, overnight shipping is available
    We provide a 30-day warranty on our labor and part malfunction. Physical Damage is not covered.

    We Are Good at iPad Battery Replacement

    If the iPad does not work without recharging for a very short time, it becomes extremely inconvenient to use it.

    Several other symptoms indicate battery problems:

    — iPad suddenly shuts down even though it’s not fully charged yet.

    — The device is overheating. It’s a serious breakdown, which in the end can provoke the failure of other parts.

    — The battery is swollen. This is also a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately, as other components may suffer.

    iPad battery replacement at the Smart Addiction service center will be done by experienced engineers in a couple of hours. You can be sure that the new battery has been tested in advance and will hold a stable charge during operation.iPad Mini Battery Repair or Replacement in Corby, UK | Free Fusion

    Trust Us With iPad Battery Replacement

    iPad battery replacement in Smart Addiction is the right solution that will allow you to solve all technical problems with your iPad quickly and efficiently.

    – Our team includes the best engineers in New York who can restore any Apple gadget.

    – We have professional equipment, which is vital for complex repairs.

    – We use only original Apple parts and strongly reject any counterfeits.

    – All customers receive a 1-month warranty on the repair work performed.

    We provide all consultations and diagnostics of gadgets free of charge. Therefore, come to us to get answers to all your questions. You will be satisfied with the service we provide!


    List of other iPad repairs

    Price list
    iPad battery replacementfrom $ 12030 Days
    How much does an iPad battery replacement cost?

    The model of the gadget and the presence of other damage can affect the cost of repairs. Contact our engineers by phone and let them know which iPad you want to repair. They will provide you with full information on the cost of the repair.

    Can the iPad battery be replaced?

    Yes, it is possible, but only experienced engineers should perform such work to avoid new damage to the gadget.

    How long should an iPad battery last?

    Battery capacity makes a huge difference here. On average, iPad batteries are designed for 1000-1500 full charges.

    How do I know if my iPad needs a new battery?

    The most common signs include:

    – swelling of the battery;

    – fast battery discharge;

    – the battery does not charge when connected to a power source;

    – the battery gets very hot during the operation of the gadget and charging.

    Have you noticed at least one of these signs? Contact Smart Addiction for a free consultation.


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