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Fast iPhone 11 Repair Service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

iPhone 11 has good quality, functionality and impressive design. But even gadgets of this level are prone to breakdowns, most often due to violation of the rules of operation.

  • Broken glass,
  • broken charging ports,
  • broken buttons
  • and other troubles

often cause urgent iPhone 11 repairs

If you encounter any malfunction, do not panic or be discouraged. Most of these breakdowns, with rare exceptions, can be fixed. Most importantly, don’t try to do it yourself! You can aggravate the situation, and damage the gadget more – and then the iPhone 11 repair cost will be much higher.

Come to the Smart Addiction service center. Our engineers will conduct a free diagnostic of your site and completely restore it.

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    We Offer All Kinds of Apple iPhone 11 Repair

    Smart Addiction has been repairing Apple gadgets for over a decade. During this time, we have encountered various breakdowns of gadgets, but our experience and professional equipment help us solve even the most difficult tasks.

    As practice shows, most often iPhone 11 repair is associated with the elimination of mechanical damage.

    • Phone screen repair. If cracks or other defects appear on the glass, take the gadget to a service center as soon as possible. Through a small gap, dust and dirt can enter the device, which will cause new damage.iphone 11 repair
    • Phone battery replacement is an effective way to extend the life of your gadget because sooner or later the battery will run out of power. If you do not take action in time, you will not be able to use your smartphone in the future.
    • Phone charging port repair. Sometimes it is enough just to clean the port from dirt and dust. In more complex cases, we will have to replace the port with a new one.
    • Phone camera repair. We can fix both the main and front cameras. If it is possible to simply replace the glass, we will do it.
    • Phone water damage repair. This is a problem whose consequences are difficult to predict. But the more you delay, the more difficult it will be to fix the gadget later. So hurry up!

    Smart Addiction is ready to help you in each of these situations. We will return your gadget to working condition, and it will serve you for a long time!

    Trust Us With iPhone 11 Repair

    Smart Addiction is a team of like-minded people who are well acquainted with Apple technology and know all its features. Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 is no exception.

    Our knowledge and skills help us serve our customers at the highest level.

    • In our work, we use modern equipment for diagnostics and repair of smartphones.
    • We use only original components.
    • After the diagnosis, we always inform our customers of the total cost of services, agree on further actions, and only then proceed to repair the gadget.

    Smart Addiction cares about your benefit, so we provide a warranty for all types of repairs.

    Price list
    Screen Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Battery Replacementfrom $130.00 30 days
    Charging Port cleaning, repair, or replacementfrom $75.00 30 days
    Camera Lens Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Back Glass Replacementfrom $120.0030 days
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      Can iPhone 11 be repaired?

      iPhone 11 repair is a fairly durable gadget that can serve its owner for a long time. But even this device can fail. Its most vulnerable part is the display.

      Repairing or replacing smartphone components are issues that Smart Addiction repairmen solve very quickly. Our experts have extensive experience and take on even the most complex tasks, including microsoldering.

      However, before we get to work, we carry out a full diagnostic of the gadget to determine the scope of work and the total cost of repairs. If the smartphone is damaged too much and repairing the iPhone 11 is not economically viable, we will warn you about it. In other cases, we guarantee you a quick and high-quality result.

      What are the most common problems of the iPhone 11?

      The rating of the reasons why the iPhone 11 fails is invariably topped by careless operation. We can highlight several main factors that most often lead to iPhone 11 damage:

      • Water ingress into the case.
      • Hitting or dropping the device.
      • Influence of moisture, dust and dirt in the charging port.
      • Excessive exposure to high or low temperatures.

      As you can see, most often these are mechanical damages that can be eliminated. Usually, Smart Addiction engineers perform iPhone 11 repair within one to two hours, depending on the degree of damage to the gadget.

      How do I get Apple to replace my iPhone 11?

      You can contact Apple to have your gadget replaced if you have AppleCare+. Those who do not use this program regularly can purchase the express service for an additional fee on a one-time basis.

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