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iphone back glass repair

iPhone Back Glass Repair Service 

If your iPhone has a cracked back glass, you should hurry to the service center. Some users ignore such damage, considering it to be minor and harmless, but this is a big mistake!

Yes, indeed, the rear glass is not used as actively as the screen of a smartphone. In addition, its damage is usually less noticeable. But still, any damage to the case is a threat to the entire iPhone! A gadget with such damage no longer has a tightness and is influenced by the environment. Moisture and dust can get inside – and then you will have more technical problems and more reasons to come to the service center.

Do not bring the situation to a critical point! Better come to Smart Addiction right away. We will check your gadget and advise you whether iPhone back glass repair is needed in this case.

After talking with our highly qualified and experienced engineers, you will know in detail what condition your smartphone is in. Also, you can immediately find out the exact cost of repairs and make a final decision. We provide diagnostics free of charge, so you have no reason to refuse this service.

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    Fast iPhone Back Glass Repair

    The back glass is both a decoration and a disadvantage of iPhones because cracks in the glass can threaten the gadget’s safety. A drop or strong pressure can damage the glass and it will definitely need to be changed.back glass

    In this case, you should not experiment and repair the gadget yourself. Seek help from professionals. iPhone back glass replacement is a procedure that requires experience, special equipment and spare parts. All this is in Smart Addiction.

    Our services are a comprehensive approach to solving various problems related to the functionality of iPhones. We have been repairing gadgets of this brand for many years and we know all the features of the process. 

    During repairs, we use only original spare parts, which guarantees you a high-quality and reliable result.

    iPhone back glass replacement can be done in two ways.

    1) Classical method.

    The engineer disassembles the device and heats the back glass with special equipment. With the help of tools, the master removes the camera lens and removes the remnants of damaged glass. The next steps are cleaning the body frame from the adhesive base, installing the new glass and assembling with subsequent testing.

    2) Replacement with a laser.

    This option does not require the disassembly of the case. The repairman removes the glass panel with a laser machine. This method is faster and more efficient.

    The whole process takes about an hour, so you can use your refurbished iPhone the same day.

    Trust Us With iPhone Back Glass Repair

    Smart Addiction is a team that provides customers with prompt and quality iPhone repair in New York City daily.

    Hundreds of customers in Brooklyn and beyond turn to us to get their gadgets fixed. Those who live far away send devices by mail, as they completely trust our team.

    • We guarantee our clients a reliable result, an honest price for services and a high speed of work.
    • Our office is open every day.
    • We give a one-month warranty on all parts and all our services.
    • All consultations and diagnostics are free of charge.
    • We have a warehouse with a large number of original spare parts for iPhones.

    You can leave a request on the site right now and we will contact you. Also, you can call us or come to the office.

    Price list
    iPhone X $140.00 30 days
    iPhone XS $140.00 30 days
    iPhone XR $140.00 30 days
    iPhone XS Max $140.00 30 days
    iPhone 11 $140.00 30 days
    iPhone 11 Pro $140.00 30 days
    iPhone 11 Max $140.00 30 days
    iPhone 11 Mini $140.00 30 days
    iPhone 12 $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 12 Pro $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 12 Pro Max $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 12 Mini $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 13 $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 13 Pro $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 13 Pro Max $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 13 Mini $175.00 30 days
    iPhone 14 $195.00 30 days
    iPhone 14 Plus $195.00 30 days
    iPhone 14 Pro $195.00 30 days
    iPhone 14 Pro Max $195.00 30 days
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      Can the glass on the back of iPhones be fixed?

      Many smartphone owners think that the back glass is a single piece of the body, but in fact, it is not. A plate of transparent material is glued to the iPhone cover, if necessary, it can be removed and a new one installed. The procedure is quite complicated, so you should not carry it out on your own. Come to the Smart Addition service center for a professional iPhone back glass replacement.

      How fragile is the iPhone's back glass?

      Every year, when introducing a new iPhone model, Apple claims that the back glass is extra strong. Many users are skeptical about such claims because they know that glass can still be scratched or completely broken. The situation changed somewhat when the twelfth generation of iPhones received the Ceramic Shield. This is a new type of protection developed by Apple. Various tests have confirmed that this material is superior to the previously used Gorilla Glass. However, Ceramic Shielded glass is not a panacea. Customers still come to our service center asking for iPhone back glass repair.

      Why is iPhone back glass repair so expensive?

      Maintenance of any premium gadgets always costs more. Keep this in mind when choosing a new smartphone for yourself. In addition, the cost of spare parts and the qualifications of engineers also greatly affect the price. You should not trust your iPhone to inexperienced repairmen. Contact Smart Addition for help – and we will perform any repair of your gadget with high quality.

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