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    Get an Affordable iPhone Screen Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    Perhaps the most common iPhone failure is screen damage.

    The screen is one of the most important and at the same time the most fragile components of the iPhone. And yes, bad things happen sometimes.

    When you may need an iPhone screen repair? After a fall from a height and other mechanical damage, deep scratches, cracks and chips appear on the screen. In this case, the screen can continue to work correctly.

    But the damage is possible, after which the screen does not turn on or does not respond to pressing. This can be either damage to the LCD itself or damage to the motherboard. And it is not always necessary to need iPhone screen replacement, sometimes only the glass needs to be replaced.

    Anyway, our technicians are well-trained and experienced to handle it!

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    iPhone Screen Repair: Glass Replacement or Display Module Replacement?

    Displays on iPhone up to XR model

    The display module on iPhone up to XR model is as follows:

    • Glass. Exactly the one that breaks when dropped, which can be replaced if the rest of the display components are working
    • Touchscreen. If the display starts to fail after a fall, recovery is impossible and a complete replacement of the display module is required.
    • LCD – matrix. Liquid crystal IPS display, it is he who creates the image on the iPhone. if it is damaged, the display cannot be restored and a complete replacement is required.

    Displays on iPhone X, XS and XS Max Model

    The new iPhones have a new type of AMOLED display. The display consists of three components:

    • Glass. One that can be replaced in case of a fall, when all screen functions work.
    • Touchscreen. It responds to finger pressure. If, when the display falls, it starts to press itself or does not respond to commands, the touchscreen can be painlessly replaced.
    • AMOLED. A matrix of LEDs creates a picture. In case of damage recovery is impossible. A complete replacement of the display module is required.

    Wherever there is a problem, we can identify it and fix it.

    Don’t wait any longer, contact us!

    Price list
    iPhone X$150.0030 days
    iPhone XS$150.0030 days
    iPhone XR$175.0030 days
    iPhone XS Max$175.0030 days
    iPhone 11$180.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Pro$180.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Max$195.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Mini$180.0030 days
    iPhone 12 $225.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Pro $225.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Pro Max$275.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Mini$195.0030 days
    iPhone 13from $190.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Pro$225.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Pro Max$565.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Minifrom $225.0030 days
    iPhone 14from $295.0030 days
    iPhone 14 Plusfrom $345.0030 days
    iPhone 14 Pro$565.0030 days
    iPhone 14 Pro Max$595.0030 days
    Is it worth fixing a cracked iPhone screen?

    Whether you need a screen repair or other iPhone repair services, you won’t regret having your phone fixed. Visiting a repair shop is a great alternative to buying an expensive new phone. It’s also a way to keep all your data without having to transfer it to a new device.

    How to change the glass separately from the display?

    Glass replacement is a complex process. There are several different technologies, from fully manual to mechanized. The difference lies in the percentage of rejects and the reliability of the solution: with manual replacement, the reject is from 10%, and the connection between the glass and the display is not so reliable. When replacing with the help of professional equipment, you can achieve zero rejects and strength indicators similar to the factory ones.

    The procedure is as follows:

    1. The display with broken glass is cooled with liquid nitrogen in a special bath. Under the action of low temperature, the adhesive (OCA – transparent adhesive) with which the display is connected to the glass is destroyed.
    2. Next, the master removes the broken glass and cleans the display surface from adhesive residue.
    3. If necessary, the polarizer is replaced (a special film that transmits light of one wavelength and prevents another, it allows you to see a contrast image on the screen)
    4. Then, using a vacuum press, the glass with a new layer of OCA is connected to the display in a special form.
    5. When bubbles appear between the glass and the display, an autoclave is used: a high-pressure chamber in which the temperature is maintained at about 60С˚, under such conditions, air bubbles are adsorbed to the surface of the OCA.
    What to do if there is no image on the iPhone?

    If the screen of the device works partially, restart the system to fix software errors. Connect to the original charger to prevent battery damage. Set user preferences. For a safe replacement of the display module, visit Smart Addiction. Qualified engineers will perform a complete diagnosis of the device and promptly eliminate the reason why the display on the iPhone does not work.


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