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Sometimes it's needed iPhone X repair

Fast and Qualified iPhone X Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

The iPhone 10 is an innovative smartphone with a cool “stuffing” even today. Therefore, iPhone X repairs should only be carried out by professional technicians with experience in iPhone repair. Any unprofessional intervention without the use of special tools will lead to serious damage and very expensive restoration of the cell phone.

Therefore, it is better not to take risks and contact us at Smart Addition.

For more than 10 years we have been working to restore iPhones with high quality, quickly and professionally.

Necessary original spare parts and details are available. All parts and work performed by the masters of our service center are guaranteed for up to 12 months.

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    Why You May Need iPhone X repair

    It’s the first Apple smartphone to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, revolutionary Face ID, wireless charging, improved water resistance, and a dual vertical camera.

    The flagship model, released for the tenth anniversary of Apple phones, is radically different from its predecessors not only in appearance, but improvements have also been made to the hardware of the iPhone.

    The most common problems with the iPhone X

    Despite the revolutionary technology, the high-quality materials of the iPhone still inherited the problems inherent in models of past generations, which in most cases are associated with sloppy handling.wet iphone x

    That is why the most frequent iPhone X repair that we perform is the screen replacement or back glass.

    There are some other issues with iPhone X:

    • The device does not charge or discharge too quickly;
    • Short circuit and oxidation of contacts due to water ingress;
    • Non-working buttons;
    • Communication problems, lack of Wi-Fi;
    • Glitches in the firmware;
    • Cracks and dents in the case, etc.

    What Is the Danger of Do-It-Yourself iPhone Repair?

    Although detailed manuals can be Googled, skills cannot be Googled). Therefore we urge you not to try to fix a broken iPhone on your own. During disassembly, an inexperienced person can violate the integrity of contacts, internal parts or cables.

    Competent repair of modern equipment can only be carried out by a specialist who is familiar with the features of this manufacturer and the model of the device. In most cases, after an amateur repair, the phone only feels worse. After that, both the complexity and the cost of its repair will only increase.

    Therefore, you should not engage in amateur performances, it is better to immediately turn to professionals.

    Why Is It Worth Contacting Us?

    Just think about it:

    • Each person has a favorite hobby into which he puts his whole soul. And the technicians of Smart Addicts have a professional hobby to repair Apple phones.
    • We use only original components and the most modern equipment, to which only qualified technicians and repairmen are allowed.
    • Even if your iPhone X is out of warranty, we’ll take care of the case.
    • We are not afraid of broken cases, cracked displays and wheezing speakers!
    • For every problem, we already have a ready-made solution. Thanks to this, you will receive your iPhone X fully working within 1-48 hours from the beginning of the repair work.

    Don’t waste your time, let us help you!

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