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Dell Laptop Repair

Have you treated your laptop with care, but it still failed? Don’t worry, Smart Addiction engineers can do any Dell laptop repair.

We will provide quality service, including diagnostics, prevention, and modernization, as well as the restoration and replacement of defective elements.

We help even in cases where other repairmen say that the device is hopelessly broken and there is no chance of recovery. But before taking on such serious cases, our engineers must conduct a thorough diagnosis of the laptop. This service is free of charge even in cases where the client refuses to repair a Dell laptop.

Also, do not forget that Dell laptops, like any other gadgets, need regular dusting. Dust gets into the device, causing it to run slower, make noise, and have inefficient cooling systems, resulting in overheating. If you ignore this issue, the cooler, video card and other components that are important for the stable operation of the laptop may fail.

Therefore, be sure to contact the service center as soon as you notice the first signs of problems.

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    Professional Dell Laptop Repair You Can Trust

    Dell gadgets are valued by consumers for their convenience and ease of use. However, like any other gadget, Dell laptops have not only strengths but also weaknesses.

    Here are some typical breakdowns:dell laptop repair

    • The screen does not work. Often the cause of the malfunction is the video chip. Engineers can fix the problem by replacing or restoring the video chip, as well as cleaning the cooling system.
    • The laptop does not turn on, it spontaneously reboots and turns off. The problem occurs when the power connector, power supply, or battery is damaged. By replacing one of these elements, it is really possible to return functionality to the device.
    • Damage to the matrix. The screen is one of the most vulnerable elements of computer technology, which cannot be restored. If you find spots, stripes, or cracks on the matrix, the device needs to replace the damaged part.

    We remind you once again that the type of repair is determined only after a detailed diagnosis of the laptop. You should not perform the repair of a Dell laptop yourself, even if it seems to you that the damage is minor, because this can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the device. Come to Smart Addiction, and we will restore your device.

    We Are Experts in Dell Laptop Repair

    After your device arrives at the service center, our engineer inspects it for defects and performs a thorough diagnosis of the Dell laptop, which determines the type of malfunction. Depending on the type of breakdown, we inform the client of the terms and cost of repair.

    The team of the Smart Addiction service center consists of only experienced specialists who work on modern equipment. Thanks to this, we can solve problems of any complexity and ensure the high quality of our work.

    • Our clients receive a guarantee for all our services.
    • We have a stock of original parts, and this speeds up the process of replacing the internal components of the laptop.
    • We value our reputation, which we have gained over the years of work in Brooklyn, so we are always focused on the needs and wishes of customers.

    We serve all our customers without an appointment. Bring us your gadget any day, and we will fix your Dell laptop as quickly as possible. Contact us!

    Price list
    Screen Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Battery Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Keyboard Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    HDD/SDD Upgradefrom $65.0030 days
    Hinge Repair/Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Motherboard Repair (Soldering)from $175.0030 days
    Motherboard Replacementfrom $175.0030 days
    Powerjack Repair/Replacementfrom $125.0030 days
    Headphone Jack Repair/Replacementfrom $99.0030 days
    Touchpad Repair/Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Speaker Repair/Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Fan Repairfrom $100.0030 days
    Water Damage Cleaningfrom $75.0030 days
    Flex & Other Internal Cables Replacement\Solderingfrom $175.0030 days
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      How can I fix my Dell laptop?

      Users often try to save money and fix a non-working gadget on their own. This is possible in some cases, for example:

      – If the power cord or power supply is damaged, you can buy a new one and replace it.

      – If the problem is related to the software, you can reinstall the software.

      However, in any other cases where you need to open the laptop case, you should contact a professional service center.

      What is the most common problem in Dell laptops?

      Dell hardware is subject to most of the major problems of modern laptops caused by prolonged overheating. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the cooling system and clean it regularly. Also, there may be problems with the operation of the video card and sound card. In general, Dell has a high level of reliability.

      How do I fix my Dell laptop not working?

      If you notice any problems, do not wait for the situation to improve and do not try to repair a Dell laptop yourself, but rather seek help from professionals as soon as possible. Try to find experienced craftsmen who can be trusted with Dell laptop repair. When choosing a service center, pay attention to the professionalism of repairmen. In addition, study in detail the reviews of customers who previously had to seek help from a service center. We can confidently say that Smart Addiction is one of the best and most trusted service centers in NYC.


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