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    Laptop Charging Port Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    The charging port is a vital but very vulnerable element of any laptop. If a regular PC is constantly connected to the mains and the charging cord rarely leaves the port, then the charging port in a laptop is used extremely actively. Therefore, mechanical damage occurs very often. Also, there are other causes of breakdowns, so laptop charging port repair is a very popular service that Smart Addiction provides to its customers very often.

    Sometimes, even before the connector stops working completely, users may notice signs that indicate that something is wrong with the port:

    – The connection between the device and the power supply regularly disappears.

    – The plug is overheating.

    – Visible mechanical damage or contamination of the port.

    If you notice at least one of these problems, we advise you to contact a service center as soon as possible and have your laptop diagnosed. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, the battery will be discharged and you will not be able to use the gadget.

    Come to Smart Addiction! We will provide qualified assistance!

    How Smart Addiction Works
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    Laptop Charging Port Replacement Details 

    For a quality laptop charging port repair, engineers need professional equipment, a set of special tools, and experience. Therefore, if trouble happens to your laptop, you should not try to change the connector yourself. This will worsen the situation, for example, completely burning out the contacts and damaging the internal layers of the laptop’s main board.

    Also, out of ignorance, inexperienced repairmen can install a connector of the wrong size, which leads to the fact that the plastic near the contacts melts and, over time, the charging contact disappears completely. As a result, general laptop repairs will cost more than replacing the power port at a reliable service center.

    There are two methods for repairing the charging port.

    1) Using micro soldering, the engineer renews the contacts between the connector and the main board. This method is effective in cases where there are no mechanical damages.

    2) The engineer removes the old port and inserts a new one. In this case, you need to use only the original connector, which will work for a long time without interruption.

    If your laptop is broken, come to the Smart Addiction service center. We provide repair services with the highest quality and speed. Give us a call for more information about laptop repair.

    Trust Us With Laptop Power Jack RepairToshiba Satellite P55t-A5116 Power Jack Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    The power jack breaks most often due to too active and/or incorrect operation. Usually, users do not think about how sensitive laptop connectors are to any sudden movements.

    However, the charging port can also be affected by moisture and dirt, since the port is always open and exposed to the environment. And, of course, mechanical damage during falls and bumps is also possible. It is enough just to drop the laptop or fill it with water once, and the connector will completely refuse to work, and in addition, there may be more problems with other components.

    That is why, when customers bring us their broken gadgets, we, first of all, carry out a complete diagnosis. Even if the client knows the main cause of the problems, we do not rule out that the laptop may have other damage. We also perform laptop power jack repair only after a complete inspection.

    We provide all our clients with:

    – free diagnostics

    – one-month repair warranty

    – original spare parts

    – reliable and high-quality results

    All of our engineers are highly experienced and perform the most complex jobs, including micro-soldering.

    Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

    The cost of repairing a damaged charging port on a laptop can vary depending on several factors, such as the laptop’s make, model, and the severity of the damage. To replace a laptop charging port, the price can be different.

    If the damage is minor, such as a loose or broken connector, the repair cost may be on the lower end of the range. However, if the charging port is severely damaged or needs to be completely replaced and requires soldering work, the cost may be higher.

    List of other laptop repairs

    Price list
    Laptop charging port repairfrom $14030 days
    Can a laptop charging port be repaired?

    Yes, it is possible. If the charging port is damaged, we can resolder its contacts or completely replace it with a new one. The engineer will tell you more after he conducts a free diagnosis.

    How much does it cost to fix a laptop charging port?

    The cost of the service may be affected by the laptop model, the degree of damage to the gadget, etc. But in any case, soldering contacts will cost less than a complete replacement of spare parts. Our engineers will tell you more details when you bring your laptop to us for free diagnostics.

    How much does it cost to replace the charging port?

    The cost of replacing the port depends on the model of the gadget, the presence of other damage, and other factors. Repairing a MacBook will cost more than repairing Chinese gadgets, as its parts are more expensive. Contact us to get more detailed information about the cost of services.

    Can you fix a damaged charging port?

    The Smart Addiction team has everything you need for such a repair, including equipment, tools, skills, and experience. Our engineers perform even the most complex types of work, such as micro-soldering. Therefore, replacing the laptop charging port is not a problem for us.


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