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laptop keyboard replacement

Laptop keyboard replacement

A broken keyboard is a very common problem that Smart Addiction engineers deal with quickly and efficiently. Since customers often come to us with this problem, we have accumulated a lot of experience and know the best ways to solve it. We always have the right spare parts for all types of laptops, and this availability of spare parts allows us to carry out laptop keyboard replacements without delay.

Over the ten years of our work, we have encountered a variety of reasons for keyboard breakdowns. As our statistics show, this part of laptops in most cases breaks due to external influences.

For example, if a user spills liquid on a laptop, the keyboard is the first to suffer. If the user eats next to the gadget, the crumbs fall on the keyboard. Plus, the characters on the keys can wear off, the keys can get stuck or completely broken, etc.

But don’t worry, we can solve all the above problems. If you notice that your laptop keyboard does not work correctly or does not work at all, please contact us. You can leave a request on our website in the form below, as well as call us, write, or come directly to the office.

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    Laptop keyboard replacement service details

    It is important to understand that a broken keyboard can mean a larger problem is approaching. For example, right next to the keyboard is the motherboard, and in the vast majority of cases there is no hermetic protection (dust, water, moisture-proof layer) between them. Therefore, even a small part of the liquid that gets on the keyboard can seep into the motherboard and disable it, and this increases the amount of repairs by an order of magnitude! Therefore, you should not postpone a visit to the service center.

    If the keyboard is out of order, there are two possible solutions to solve the problem – repair or laptop keyboard replacement.

    – If a key has fallen out of the keyboard, the engineer can usually reinstall it or replace it.

    – If the key has stopped working completely, it may mean that the conductive paths are damaged. To restore the functionality of the keyboard, the engineer must completely disassemble it.

    – If a large number of keys or the entire keyboard does not work, it must be replaced.

    – If the cable connection to the motherboard is damaged, in 99% of cases it is necessary to completely replace it.Asus Q502LA-BSI5T14 Keyboard Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    There are other types of work related to cleaning the keyboard and restoring its operation. Smart Addiction engineers will diagnose your gadget for free and tell you exactly what repairs are needed here.

    Trust Us With laptop keyboard replacement

    We offer keyboard repair and replacement for all popular laptop brands, including Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, and more. Although, as our practice shows, in most cases, it is better to replace the keyboard than to repair it. The new keyboard will work more stable and last longer.

    In our warehouse there are keyboards of almost all the brands listed above, the rest are available on order.

    Before starting repair work, our engineers will conduct a complete diagnosis of your gadget. This very important procedure allows us to understand the extent of damage, and estimate the cost and timing of repairs. In particular, the cost of a laptop keyboard replacement may be affected by the model of the laptop, the cost of spare parts, other damage, etc. But in any case, you will be warned about the total amount of the check, and this will help you make the final decision and plan your budget.

    By contacting us, you will also receive:

    – warranty service within a month;

    – original spare parts for your laptop, regardless of the model;

    – fast and high-quality service from professional engineers.

    We perform diagnostics and testing of gadgets, as well as customer consultations for free. You can come to us for help any day of the week, and we will definitely help you restore your laptop. Contact us!

    Price list
    Laptop Keyboard Replacementfrom $14030 days
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      Can a laptop keyboard be replaced?

      Yes, sure. Often this option is even better than replacing some keys. Our engineers will provide you with more accurate information after a free diagnostic of the gadget.


      How much does a laptop keyboard replacement cost?

      Before determining the cost of repair, we must diagnose your gadget. We provide this service free of charge. Our engineers will identify any problems and report them to the client. In addition to the scale of the damage, factors such as the model and “age” of the laptop or the cost of spare parts can affect the cost of repairs.

      Are all keyboard keys replaceable?

      The Smart Addiction team can help their clients in almost all cases. The exception is very large-scale damage received, for example, due to exposure to liquid that has got on the keyboard. Also, situations are possible when the gadget is too old and the corresponding spare parts are not available.

      Can a broken keyboard key be repaired?

      Yes, it is possible, but not always. Bring your laptop to Smart Addiction for a free diagnostic, and we’ll find out if it’s possible for you. The gadget model, in this case, is of great importance.


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