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laptop screen repair

Laptop screen repair service

The screen is very easy to break. Easier than you think. Usually, this happens in seconds and for the most banal reasons – a flash drive is pinched by a screen, a laptop in a backpack is crushed, a laptop accidentally falls, etc.

This is enough to damage the gadget. Since the display is a very large and at the same time very fragile part of the laptop, it often suffers from mechanical stress.

Fortunately, it is possible to repair a gadget with a damaged display. In most cases, this requires replacing the laptop matrix, but with large-scale damage, other methods of laptop screen repair may also be needed.

Therefore, Smart Addiction engineers make sure to carry out preliminary diagnostics to identify all technical problems. We provide this service free of charge. Then we inform the client of the diagnostic results and proceed with the repair, which takes several hours, depending on the gadget model and the complexity of the breakdown.

If you notice any malfunctions on the screen of your laptop, bring it to our service center for diagnostics or leave your coordinates on our website below. We will be happy to help you!

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    What to Do Right Away

    So, an unpleasant situation has already occurred, the laptop has already been damaged, and you need to take urgent measures to minimize the consequences. In general, the algorithm of your actions will be the same, regardless of the reasons for the breakdown:

    – disconnect the laptop from the power source and turn it off;

    – if you pinched an object with the display, remove it;

    – do not open the laptop once again, if there is no urgent need for it;

    – do not try to repair the gadget yourself, but contact the repairmen of the service center;

    – if the gadget has water damage, hurry to the service center even faster!

    Also, we advise you to make sure you back up your data. This must be done before repairing any gadgets.laptop screen repair

    Call In a Pro

    Laptop screen repair is one of those tasks that only professionals with a high level of competence and good equipment can ideally perform. Let’s figure out in which cases you definitely need to contact the service center.

    The main symptoms of a laptop matrix malfunction are:

    – Cracks. These are physical damages that in most cases require matrix replacement. Even if the crack is small, it can grow with time. Also, due to a crack, the image may disappear due to the movement of liquid crystals in the area of the crack.

    – Color distortion. The problem may occur due to a malfunction of the video card chip, as a result of a violation of the contact of the screen board cables with the LCD panel itself, etc.

    – “Broken” pixels (bright or, conversely, dark dots on the screen). They appear due to the burnout of the phosphor as a result of the natural wear of the gadget. It is also possible to have a factory defect on a new laptop display. The matrix also needs to be replaced.

    – Vertical or horizontal stripes on the screen. These are the consequences of a breakdown of the matrix, decoder, or cable. It is necessary to replace the matrix or cable.

    As you can see, in many situations, the solution is to replace the matrix. This is a very fragile and very expensive laptop part, so we advise you not to experiment and repair the laptop yourself. If you notice defects on your laptop screen, please contact Smart Addiction. We will help you!

    Trust Us With laptop screen repair

    Smart Addiction has been specializing in laptop screen repair and replacement for over 10 years. We work with gadgets of various brands such as Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.

    Clients choose us not only for the quality of the work done but also for the efficiency. The upper parts of the case, display modules, matrices, covers, cables, and other vital components for a laptop are always in stock. And you can be sure of the originality of all components.

    Some customers are worried that after a laptop screen repair their gadget will not work properly. Turning to us, you can forget about these fears. In our service, you will receive a one-month warranty not only for repairs but also for installed spare parts. This confirms that we perform work efficiently and reliably.

    Also note that services such as consultations, preliminary diagnostics, and testing of the gadget after repair, you get into Smart Addiction for free. This helps you save money and pay less for gadget repairs.

    Our team always meets the needs of its customers and offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Just contact us!

    Price list
    Laptop Screen Replacementfrom $14030 days
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      How much does a laptop screen replacement cost?

      The cost of replacing a laptop screen is made up of several factors:

      – Screen replacement price

      – Laptop brand and model

      – Scale of damage to the display (need to determine whether the entire display or just some of its components need to be replaced)

      – Diagonal screen size

      – Display type

      Also included in the price component is the option of the screen surface. Here you should rather choose based on personal preferences. We only denote that usually, matte options are more expensive than glossy ones.

      Our engineers will tell you the exact cost of repairs after diagnosing the gadget.

      Is it worth repairing a laptop screen?

      In most cases, the repair justifies itself. But if the damage to the gadget is too severe, repairs can be too expensive. Our engineers will inform you about it immediately after diagnosing the gadget. Also, situations are possible when the gadget is already quite old and we do not have the necessary spare parts for such a model.

      Can a damaged laptop screen be repaired?

      We will be able to answer this question in detail only after diagnosing the gadget. We provide this service free of charge. Come to our office to get advice from our engineers who have vast experience in laptop repair.

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