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Laptop water damage repair

Any attempt to dry the laptop with rice, a hair dryer, or any other means is a waste of time. You will not solve the problem but rather make it worse. Therefore seek help from professional repairmen!

Only the speed of your actions can save your laptop if you flood it with liquid. Turn it off immediately, especially if it is connected to a power source. Wipe it with a dry towel or napkin to remove as much moisture as possible, and then urgently take the gadget to a service center.

If you are in Brooklyn, it will be convenient for you to come to Smart Addiction. Our team consists of only experienced engineers who will do their best to repair any water damage. We perform even the most complex laptop water damage repair, including those where micro-soldering is required.

To contact us, you can call us by phone, write us an e-mail, come to the office, or leave a request on our website below.

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    Troubleshooting Laptop Water Damage

    Any liquid is detrimental to gadgets. Water, if it enters the case, causes a short circuit, corrosion of the elements, and failure of the device. Alcohol, soda, or any other sugary drinks are even more aggressive. Water may partially or completely evaporate, but sugar and other trace elements will remain inside.

    Therefore, Smart Addiction engineers, trying to fix water-damaged laptops, not only thoroughly dry the components but also clean them from plaque and rust. The complexity of the work is the need to remove all the microcircuits and clean under them. Also, if any components are damaged, they must be replaced. Micro-soldering may be required during this process.

    In many cases, if liquid gets into the laptop, the keyboard stops working. The buttons either just stop typing, or pressing one button prints multiple characters. This happens because the button contacts are damaged in the laptop keyboard. Such a keyboard can be repaired, but this process is laborious and does not always lead to a positive result, and then you have to change the laptop keyboard completely. This can be done in our service center. We always keep in stock a large assortment of keyboards for laptops of different models.Spilled water on your laptop? Here's what to do | Asurion

    Trust Us With Phone water damage repair

    The Smart Addiction service center is open every day, so you can bring your gadget to us immediately after the incident. We will quickly diagnose it because when moisture gets in, hours count. Our engineers will disassemble, dry, and clean the damaged areas. It helps to restore the laptop.

    Even for the most difficult cases, we have tools and equipment such as ultrasonic baths, infrared stations, oscilloscopes, fine-tip soldering irons, etc. We always perform our work with high quality, therefore we confidently provide a month-long guarantee to all our customers, regardless of the type of service.

    Also, in Smart Addiction you will receive:

    – Free diagnostics and consultations

    – Original spare parts for any laptop

    – Reasonable prices for all types of repairs

    We repair even badly damaged laptops. Contact us for the best service! This is the right decision if you want to save your gadget.

    Price list
    Laptop Water Damage Cleaningfrom $250n/a
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      Can a laptop damaged by water be repaired?

      This is possible in most cases. Much depends on what kind of liquid got inside the laptop, how long ago it happened, and how severe the damage is. Diagnostics are necessary for the final verdict.

      Can a wet laptop be saved?

      To do this, the engineer must disassemble the laptop, and dry every part that has even a drop of moisture. If time is lost and oxide has formed, the engineer removes the damaged element and thoroughly cleans or replaces the components if they are completely broken. The last stage is testing the laptop in working mode. All this work should be carried out only by professional repairmen of the service center.

      What to do after a laptop is damaged by water?

      After spilling liquid on the laptop, you need to immediately turn it off. Disconnect the power cord and remove the battery if possible. Turn the laptop upside down to prevent liquid from seeping into the chips. Wipe the keyboard gently with a tissue or dry towel.

      If you are not a computer engineer, do not attempt to disassemble the device and dry it. Do not put the laptop on the battery and do not use a hair dryer, as a strong air current drives moisture into the case. Take your gadget to a service center immediately.

      How much does it cost to clean up a spilled liquid on a laptop?

      The cost of repairs depends on the damage that the laptop received. Liquids can severely damage the gadget if they get inside the case and spread there. Therefore, the engineer must first conduct a complete diagnosis, based on which to determine the cost of repairs.

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