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MacBook Hinge Repair

The hinges of the laptop screen are the only moving parts of the gadget, and they are constantly under mechanical stress when opening/closing the MacBook. Therefore, hinge breakage is a common occurrence.

In the Smart Addition service center, restoration work takes a minimum of time but is performed efficiently and reliably. Thanks to this service, you will be able to use Apple gadgets for many years.

By contacting us, you will receive:

– free diagnostics;

– one-month warranty;

– original spare parts.

Come to our office, write to our email, or call by phone! You have many opportunities to contact us! We will help you restore your gadget!

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    When do you need Macbook Hinge Repair?

    Most often, hinges breakage occurs on MacBooks from the classic Air and Pro lines. The developers sought to make the gadgets more elegant, but the strength indicators suffered.

    If the lid of your MacBook creaks, staggers, or stops opening or closing normally, these are dangerous symptoms. Breakage of the hinges will provoke a rupture of the plastic lining with subsequent damage to the display cable. Are you sure you want this result? Of course not! Our engineers will perform a MacBook hinge repair very quickly – and you will be able to use your laptop again.

    How we perform MacBook Hinge Repair & replacementMacBook Pro 17" Unibody Left Clutch Hinge Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    Our service is a full range of services at an affordable price. After the MacBook gets to us, it will go through all the necessary stages of restoration work:

    • high-precision diagnostics;
    • selection of necessary components;
    • disassembly of the device;
    • removal of faulty hinges;
    • installation of new elements;
    • complete assembly of the device;
    • post-repair testing.

    We fix all models of Apple gadgets, including MacBook AIR M1, MacBook PRO 14 and MacBook PRO 16, MacBook PRO 13 and MacBook Pro 13 M1, etc.

    Why can you trust Smart Addiction?

    MacBook hinge replacement is a service that Smart Addition performs quickly and efficiently. Our experienced engineers will remove the bottom cover and tighten the hinges and adjust them. If necessary, it is also possible to completely replace the hinges if they are damaged.

    As a result, the top display cover of your laptop will function properly and the risk of further damage will disappear. We will carry out all consultations and diagnostics for you free of charge, and after the provision of the service, we will provide you with a warranty for one month.

    Price list
    Laptop Hinge Repair/Replacementfrom $165.0030 days
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      Is it common for laptop hinges to break?

      This is a really common problem for several reasons. Firstly, the hinges are the only moving part of the gadget that is constantly subjected to physical stress. Secondly, the desire of developers to make laptops as thin as possible also has an impact. The hinges become smaller and more fragile. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a MacBook hinge replacement.

      Do Macbook hinges wear out?

      The hinges loosen when the laptop lid is opened and closed too abruptly. At first, the defect does not manifest itself in any way, but over time it becomes more noticeable that the laptop lid stops holding in the right position and falls in one direction or the other. Mechanical damage can also lead to the same consequences. For example, if your laptop has been dropped, chances are that the hinges will eventually get damaged.

      How long do MacBook hinges last?

      The conditional benchmark is the ability to open and close the MacBook 30,000 times. However, this figure depends on how often you use your laptop and how carefully you handle it.

      Can you superglue a laptop hinge?

      If you don’t feel sorry for a very expensive gadget, you can try experimenting. But be prepared for the glue to flood other parts of the laptop or make it impossible for the MacBook hinge to be repaired at a service center. In addition, you must understand that extreme measures such as the use of superglue will have a short-term effect. Therefore, we advise you to immediately contact the service center.

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