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macbook pro screen repair

MacBook Pro Screen Repair 

When the screen of a laptop has horizontal black lines even if the device is not physically damaged, you need immediate repair from Smart Addiction. We own a dedicated team to carry out our MacBook Pro screen repair within a day. You just need to fill out a short form below and our representative will contact you for free consultation.

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    Best MacBook Pro Screen Repair in New York

    Apple provides free screen repair if the device is under warranty. If not, fixing a screen is costly. You may follow these steps to get rid of the problem if you are familiar with the DIY kit. 

    • Power off MacBook Pro
    • Remove back panel 
    • Disconnect battery 
    • Disconnect screen panel
    • Replace a screen 
    • Reassemble laptop 

    Black lines or glitching are caused by many reasons like faulty display cable, crashing graphic cards.. You can troubleshoot to blue horizontal line problem through 

    • Reset System Management Controller 
    • Reset PRAM
    • Run Apple diagnostics 
    • Remove junk files 
    • Update macOS
    • Boot in safe mode

    If you have tried all the solutions yet the problem persists, you need a professional service from Smart Addiction.

    Our Procedure Of MacBook Pro Repair 

    At Smart Addiction, we are well-trained to deal with any sort of screen problem with the MacBook Pro. We fix 17- inch, 16- inch, 15- inch, 14- inch, and 13- inch screens of MacBook Pro. Once we get the product, we conduct a diagnosis to pinpoint the problem. Our representative get back to you with price estimations. With your approval, we move forward with the repair process. 

    MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost

    Our MacBook Pro screen repair cost depends on the model you are using as well as the damage to the screen. Stay calm about our price as we are giving premium services at affordable rates. Besides, our diagnosis, estimations, and consultation are free of cost.

    Why Smart Addiction 

    With more than 10 plus years of experience in dealing with different devices, Smart Addiixtion has the expertise to repair a broken MacBook Pro screen in minimum time. Our engineers are well-trained to deal with screens cautiously. Also, we use only genuine parts for replacement. To affirm our claim, we are also providing 30 30-day warranty after any repair. So, wait no more and reach our shop in Brooklyn

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      What should I do if my MacBook Pro screen is damaged?

      If your MacBook Pro screen is damaged, follow the above steps to fix the problem. If not, get our free diagnosis to pinpoint the problem.

      Is it possible to repair a cracked MacBook Pro screen?

      Yes, it is possible to repair a cracked MacBook Pro screen. For this, you need expert engineers and best-repairing tools and we have both of them.

      How quickly can a MacBook Pro screen repair be done?

      For simple issues, we usually take a few hours. Complicated problems take an ann a few days to repair.

      What is the best MacBook Pro screen repair near me?

      Smart Addiction is the best MacBook Pro screen repair shop. We are located at 8319, 3rd Ave, Brooklyn New York

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