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Drone Gimbal Repair

Drone Gimbal Repair

If you’ve ever seen shaky video footage from a drone camera, it means the gimbal is broken.

In simple terms, the gimbal provides stabilization while the drone is in flight. It works to compensate for the drone’s vibrations. So, if the gimbal is the teeniest bit off balance, you end up with jittery images. 

That means the gimbal needs to be perfectly calibrated at all times. If it’s not, it needs to be fixed. It’s a delicate balancing act and only the most experienced repair technicians know how to do it.

Here at Smart Addiction, we know exactly how to get it just right.

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    What to Do Right Away

    As soon as you realize your drone gimbal is broken, do the following:

    • Stop flying the drone.
    • Inspect the gimbal for damage.
    • Try to identify the cause of the problem.
    • Take some pictures or videos of the gimbal.
    • Contact us and we’ll do the drone gimbal repair right away.Mavic Pro Gimbal Repair | Duvolab Drone Repair Experts | DUVOLAB

    Call in a Pro

    We fix all the common drone brands like:

    • DJI
    • Parrot
    • Yuneec
    • Autel Robotics
    • Hubsan

    . . . and the not-so-common ones too. 

    Even better? We know how confusing it can be when a technician bombards you with phrases you’ve never heard of. That’s why we train our repair experts to explain the problem to you, slowly, in plain English, and then politely describe your repair options, including cost.

    Trust Us with Drone Gimbal Repair

    Remember that our main objective is for every customer to leave our store confident in our repair skills and our customer service. We’re so confident in the quality of our repairs that each one has a 30-day guarantee. 

    Just fill out our quick intake form and drop by our store at your convenience. It’s that easy.


    Price list
    Drone Gimbal Repairfrom $140days 30
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      How do I787 maintain my drone gimbal?

      Here are our suggestions for maintaining your gimbal for optimal performance:

      • Keep it clean.
      • Don’t drop it.
      • Store it somewhere safe.
      • Get it serviced often.
      How much does drone gimbal repair cost?

      If your gimbal repair is a simple one like replacing a bearing, the cost will probably be around $100. But if it’s a complicated repair like replacing the motor, the cost could be several hundred dollars.

      My drone camera footage is jittery. What’s wrong?

      Most likely, your gimbal needs to be calibrated. A professional drone repair technician will know for sure.

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