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Drone repair

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    What is the procedure for sending a Parrot drone for repair?

    Sending your Parrot drone to us for repair is a straightforward process. You can follow these steps to ensure a smooth and efficient repair experience:

    • Visit our website: Fill out the repair request form.
    • Ship your drone: Follow the provided instructions for secure shipping.
    • Diagnostic: Our technicians will assess the issue upon arrival.
    • Quote: Receive a transparent quote for free before proceeding with repairs.
    • Repair: Upon approval, we’ll promptly fix your Parrot drone.
    • Return: Once repaired, we’ll ship it back to you.

    For any inquiries or to initiate the repair process, please contact us through our customer support channels.

    Is warranty service provided after repairs are completed?

    Yes, we provide a 30-day warranty on all completed repairs. If you experience any issues within this period, simply reach out to us for prompt assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    How long does DJI repair take?

    JI repair times vary based on the specific issue. Our goal is a quick turnaround, typically within a few business days. For a precise estimate, bring your DJI product for a detailed assessment.

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