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    Gaming Console Repair Shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    The main task of any game console is to create a good mood for the players and entertain them.

    If the device does not work well (buttons do not respond, the joystick does not work well, programs do not start, it does not turn on at all, etc.), there can be no talk of a good mood.

    Luckily, we can help you! The Smart Addiction team does all kinds of work that is usually required during a game console fix:

    • Professional cleaning of the device.
    • Repair or replacement of the power supply.
    • Repair or replacement of connectors.
    • Button repair.
    • Recovery of the console after liquid ingress.
    • Replacing the hard drive.
    • Joystick repair.
    What is right to repair on game consoles?

    Most often game consoles come to our service center with the following problems:

    – console overheating;

    – problems with connectors;

    – permanent restart;

    – self-shutdown during operation;

    – noise, distortion of sound or video;

    – malfunctions of the gamepad;

    – problems with reading disks;

    – mechanical damage.

    If suddenly your game console has stopped working, we recommend that you do not try to fix it yourself. Game consoles are complex devices, and it is quite easy to damage them with careless and unprofessional repairs. We have experienced professionals who can fix any set-top box, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Therefore, you should contact Smart Addiction.

    Is console gaming dying out?

    We hear this question all the time when we are engaged in the repair of game consoles. But so many years have passed, and people are still actively buying Sony Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo and enjoying the game. In turn, brands are constantly improving their products for gamers. Therefore, in the near future, the death of game consoles is definitely not in danger.

    What is the lifespan of a console?

    Quality game consoles can serve you for years if you handle them with care. The average life expectancy of devices is five to six years. It could be longer, but you’ll likely want to buy yourself something new, given that brands regularly update their products for gamers.


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