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Gaming Console Repair Shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

The main task of any game console is to create a good mood for the players and entertain them.

If the device does not work well (buttons do not respond, the joystick does not work well, programs do not start, it does not turn on at all, etc.), there can be no talk of a good mood.

Luckily, we can help you! The Smart Addiction team does all kinds of work that is usually required during a game console fix:

  • Professional cleaning of the device.
  • Repair or replacement of the power supply.
  • Repair or replacement of connectors.
  • Button repair.
  • Recovery of the console after liquid ingress.
  • Replacing the hard drive.
  • Joystick repair.
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    If you need an experienced game console repair engineer, welcome to our game console repair shop. Here you will find experts who can repair a game console of any complexity, after which you can once again plunge into the fascinating world of games.

    We Are Good at Video Game Console Repairs 

    There are many reasons why you may need to repair your game console. The most common are malfunctions that occurred due to overheating of the device, accumulation of a large amount of dust on important nodes and boards, and software problems.

    Console cleaning service and following the rules for its operation can solve the first two problems.

    But problems with the software will certainly lead to other more serious malfunctions, so do not ignore any technical problems with the device.

    – When the set-top box does not turn on, it may mean that the power supply, video

     card, mainboard, software, etc. are broken.

    By contacting Smart Addiction, you can solve any of these problems and get a one-month warranty on our services. Our team repairs all types of game consoles including Sony Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and others. 

    Since these are complex devices with a mass of technical details, it is not recommended to repair them yourself. It is better to contact our specialists, we will quickly and inexpensively diagnose and restore the console to working capacity.

    Qualified Repair Shop for Game Consoles

    game console

    – When the set-top box turns on, but its operation is unstable, the reason may be, for example, overheating of the processor/video card.

    So, why should you contact our game console repair shop?

    Smart Addiction has been successfully repairing game consoles in New York for over 10 years. We offer each of our clients:

    – High-quality service and short repair times, which are achieved thanks to the professional work of our experienced engineers and good equipment.

    – Free consultations and recommendations that will be useful and important for the correct use of your game console.

    – One-month warranty for all types of repairs and spare parts. We use only original components from manufacturers, so we are confident in their reliability and quality.

    – Repair all models of game consoles. Our engineers carry out repairs of any complexity, including micro soldering, which requires special equipment and skills.

    After diagnosing a broken device, we always tell the client in detail about the identified problem and how to solve it, as well as discuss the cost of repairs.

    You always have the opportunity to refuse repairs, and even in this case, you do not need to pay for the diagnostics and consultation. In turn, Smart Addiction refuses to repair only in extreme cases. For example, when the damage is too extensive and the total cost of repairs is too high and unprofitable for the client.

    In any other situation, we are always ready to help you!

    Bring your broken device to Smart Addiction – and we will completely restore it!

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      What is right to repair on game consoles?

      Most often game consoles come to our service center with the following problems:

      – console overheating;

      – problems with connectors;

      – permanent restart;

      – self-shutdown during operation;

      – noise, distortion of sound or video;

      – malfunctions of the gamepad;

      – problems with reading disks;

      – mechanical damage.

      If suddenly your game console has stopped working, we recommend that you do not try to fix it yourself. Game consoles are complex devices, and it is quite easy to damage them with careless and unprofessional repairs. We have experienced professionals who can fix any set-top box, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Therefore, you should contact Smart Addiction.

      Is console gaming dying out?

      We hear this question all the time when we are engaged in the repair of game consoles. But so many years have passed, and people are still actively buying Sony Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo and enjoying the game. In turn, brands are constantly improving their products for gamers. Therefore, in the near future, the death of game consoles is definitely not in danger.

      What is the lifespan of a console?

      Quality game consoles can serve you for years if you handle them with care. The average life expectancy of devices is five to six years. It could be longer, but you’ll likely want to buy yourself something new, given that brands regularly update their products for gamers.

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