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iMac memory upgrade

iMac Memory Upgrade in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

The need for speed. It’s not just a saying. It’s a genuine requirement for modern computer users.

Especially if you’re a gamer or if you stream loads of videos on a daily basis. Out of the box, iMacs can handle average computing tasks, but as technology gets more advanced, processing power becomes a real concern.

When you add memory to the iMac, it means your iMac can process more tasks at one time without slowing down. It’s like multitasking on steroids.

We provide

  • iMac 2018 memory upgrade

  • iMac 2017 memory upgrade

  • iMac 2016 memory upgrade

  • iMac 2015 memory upgrade

If immediate performance improvement sounds like the solution you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

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    We’re the best in the business. And we’re proud to say that. 

    Bring us your iMac and we’ll be able to find out right away how much memory your computer already has. Then we’ll ask you what type of performance goals you have in mind, and we’ll recommend the exact amount of new memory that will get you there.27" iMac (Late 2012) 32GB RAM Upgrade (How To & Guide) - YouTube

    Trust Us with iMac Memory Upgrade

    No matter what you have in mind for your memory upgrade, bring it to Smart Addiction. Our technicians have the highest level of skills and professional equipment. 

    Plus, we’re absolutely confident in the quality of our work, so we always provide our customers with a 30-day warranty on all repair work, including iMac memory upgrades.


    List of other iMac repairs

    Price list
    iMac Memory Upgradefrom $ 140days 30
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      Is it worth it to upgrade iMac memory?

      Yes, especially if you’ve been noticing performance issues. Adding more RAM to your computer will give it the boost it needs without spending money on a new computer.

      Will adding more memory increase iMac speed?

      Just about every computer operation relies on memory, so it’s crucial to have as much of it available as possible. Yes, a memory upgrade is one of the best ways to improve iMac performance.  

      Can you add memory to an older model iMac?

      Yes, it’s possible, just difficult

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