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iPad Repair

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    iPad battery replacementfrom $ 12030 Days
    How much does an iPad battery replacement cost?

    The model of the gadget and the presence of other damage can affect the cost of repairs. Contact our engineers by phone and let them know which iPad you want to repair. They will provide you with full information on the cost of the repair.

    Can the iPad battery be replaced?

    Yes, it is possible, but only experienced engineers should perform such work to avoid new damage to the gadget.

    How long should an iPad battery last?

    Battery capacity makes a huge difference here. On average, iPad batteries are designed for 1000-1500 full charges.

    How do I know if my iPad needs a new battery?

    The most common signs include:

    – swelling of the battery;

    – fast battery discharge;

    – the battery does not charge when connected to a power source;

    – the battery gets very hot during the operation of the gadget and charging.

    Have you noticed at least one of these signs? Contact Smart Addiction for a free consultation.

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