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nintendo switch repair

Affordable Nintendo Switch Repair Service at Smart Addictions 

In the world of gaming, technology keeps advancing at a fast pace. More devices are manufactured regularly and so, glitches and technical issues are almost inevitable. At SmartAddiction, we understand how annoying malfunctioning consoles can be. Therefore, we have a specialized Nintendo Switch repair service from seasoned professionals which is tailored to revive your gaming experience.

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    Catalog of our Nintendo Switch Repair services. 

    Released in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch is distinct in that it can function both as a home console as well as a portable device. 

    At Smart Addiction, we have a plethora of repair services for your Nintendo Switch. Some of these are; 

    • Screen replacements: Our seasoned professionals are the best option for damaged screens or malfunctioning displays. In no time, your screen is back to normal.
    • Charging Port Repairs: for faulty charging ports, we meticulously repair or replace them if needed to ensure that your device is powered enough for an uninterrupted gaming experience.
    • Joy-Con Drift Solutions: Our joy-con drift replacement services are swift and reliable for all our customers 
    • Button and control stick fixes: you can be sure of the precision of our engineers to help with unresponsive buttons and control stick issues. Your Nintendo Switch will be up and running in no time.

    We also provide the following fixes:

    • Motherboard 
    • Battery 
    • Storage drives 
    • Software updates

    Why Use Our Local Nintendo Switch Repair Shop?

    If you’re looking for a repair shop for a Nintendo Switch, Smart Addiction is the best for you. Here are some reasons to use our Nintendo repair shop:

    • Expert Help You Can Trust 

    The complexities of the software and hardware of the Nintendo Switch device require professional help. Our technicians are professional and experienced so, you can be sure that all repairs will be handled with care and knowledge. 

    • Quick Turnaround on All Nintendo repair Services. 

    We understand that time is of the essence in gaming. Our repair services are swift and efficient to ensure a quick turnaround of your Nintendo Switch device. 

    • Quality Replacement parts for Switch Repairs 

    We make sure that we use genuine Nintendo spare parts to replace bad parts in your device. 

    Nintendo Switch Repair Cost

    For your Nintendo Switch repair, we offer first-rate services at reasonable prices. Our technicians must diagnose the product before we can update the price. We will provide the pricing only after a thorough analysis. Our diagnosis, consultations, and estimates, however, are all free of charge.

    Our Nintendo Switch Repair Processes. 

    Below is a run through our system of operations. 

    • Diagnosis/ Assessment

    The first thing we do is conduct a thorough assessment to decipher the cause of the problem in the device. It could be damage on the screen, button problems, or motherboard issues. Whatever it is, we must detect it first. 

    • Transparent Communication:

    Our team communicates always, providing you with a distinct overview of the needed

     repairs and associated costs. Once it is agreed upon, we send in your invoice for the necessary payment. 

    • Expert Repairs:

    We are deliberate about the execution of our Nintendo repair services. Our skilled engineers work with precision and with quality components for device longevity.

    • Testing and Quality Assurance:

    Before returning your Nintendo Switch, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure all issues are resolved, guaranteeing optimal performance.

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      Can I get my Nintendo Switch repaired on the same day?

      Yes, it is possible. You can get your Nintendo Switch repaired on the same day as long as the problem doesn’t require more.

      Do I need to make an appointment for a repair or can I just walk in?

      Both options are available but we recommend you book an appointment first so you reserve your slot with any of our seasoned professionals.

      Where to repair Nintendo Switch?

      You can repair your Nintendo Switch in any of our outlets near you.

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