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Phone camera repair

A quality camera is one of those characteristics that play a big role when buying a smartphone. If the camera breaks, the gadget loses important functionality. That’s why the Smart Addiction team is always very attentive to phone camera repair. We do our best to fully restore the camera of your gadget.

According to our observations, the most common causes of technical problems are:

– Mechanical damage

– Software crash

– Ingress of dust, dirt, and moisture into the device

– Damage to the motherboard

– Manufacturing defect

In many cases, we can fix the problem, but if this is not possible, we perform a phone camera replacement. Therefore, we first conduct a thorough diagnosis of the entire gadget to assess the extent of damage and choose the best repair method.

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    Professional Phone camera replacement

    So, what exactly can you consider an alarm bell that says it’s time to go to the service center?

    First, of course, is the external damage to the camera. If the camera is cracked as a result of a blow or other troubles, it will no longer be able to work fully.

    Secondly, this is the quality of shooting and software malfunctions. Here are the most common cases:

    – dark or illuminated screen when the camera is running;

    – the quality of the photo has dropped sharply;

    – lack of focus;

    – the application freezes when trying to start shooting;

    – no response during camera startup.iPhone Rear Camera Repair Sydney | Fone Teknician

    Phone camera replacement is a process that requires the disassembly of the smartphone case. Only a competent specialist can perform this operation so as not to damage the gadget. The engineers of the Smart Addiction service center will help you to provide qualified assistance in the selection and replacement of the camera. Our experienced repairmen will diagnose the device free of charge, determine the cause of the camera malfunction and recommend a quality replacement.

    Trust Us With Phone camera repair

    Smart Addiction has been repairing gadgets for over ten years. We operate in Brooklyn, and our workshop is well known in the area as many customers regularly recommend our service center to each other. In particular, they bring us their smartphones for phone camera repair. We fix smartphones of any model and brand, including iPhone, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, etc.

    Clients choose us because we offer them excellent conditions for cooperation:

    – The highest level of service

    – Short repair times

    – Competitive prices for all services

    – Warranty for parts and services

    – Free diagnostics, consultations, and testing after repair.

    We employ qualified engineers with many years of experience. We are ready to repair the most complex smartphone damage at an affordable price, reliably and quickly. Come to us and we will return to your smartphone the ability to take high-quality photos and videos!

    Price list
    Phone camera repairfrom $80-9030 days
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      What are the most common problems with phone cameras?

      Any change in photo quality may indicate a problem. For example, there can be blurry spots and stripes in the pictures, as well as a lack of focus. If the flash does not work or system messages appear when you turn on the camera, you should also contact the service center. And, of course, visually noticeable mechanical damage should not be ignored.

      What are the benefits of having my phone camera repaired by a professional?

      The main advantage is that you will get a smartphone with a perfectly working camera. Professional engineers will perform phone camera repair quickly and reliably using original parts. But your attempts to fix the gadget yourself can fail and the complete loss of the smartphone.

      Also, the Smart Addiction team will diagnose your gadget for free and determine if it has other damages. All consultations and post-repair testing are also free of charge.

      Can you fix a broken Phone camera lens?

      Yes, of course, it is possible, but a lot depends on the cause and extent of the damage. Therefore, our engineers must first diagnose your gadget. This service in Smart Addiction is provided free of charge.

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