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ps vita repair

PlayStation Vita repair service

A broken screen, glitch or slow charging are some major issues in PlayStation Vita. If you are a Vita gamer and facing any issue with a device bring it to us. Smart Addiction is a renowned repair shop for PS Vita repair. We do repair electronic devices for business and personal use with a 30-day warranty. Just fill out a short form below or visit our shop in New York. 

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    PlayStation Vita repair service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

    Sony released two major models of PS Vita. PS Vita Fat was released in 2011 and PS Vita Slim was released in 2014. Sony has discontinued Vita production and any of its services, yet it is a most popular handheld gaming console. The device malfunctions with the passage of time or breaks by dropping on the ground. In any case, do not panic and get our help. 

    Smart Addiction provides the following PlayStation Vita repair services at the shop:

    • Motherboard
    • Battery
    • Camera
    • Screen
    • Charging port
    • Controlling buttons

    We are open 24/7, just spare 2 minutes to fill out a form, and our representative will contact you for a free consultation. 

    PS Vita Repair Service Cost

    The cost of PS Vita slim repair and PS Vita fat repair is different. As Vita Fat uses OLED screens and Vita Slim uses low-cost LCD panels. Many of the other components are also different. Our repair prices also vary based on damage. We provide price estimation after the free diagnosis of a problem. Be certain of our price. We provide competitive pricing with quality services.

    Smart Addiction is the Best

    Smart Addiction has experience in repair and replacement for more than a decade. We hire skilled engineers and technicians to do any repair without causing any further damage to the device. Smart Addiciton works only with trusted suppliers to use genuine parts for replacement. Above all, we keep our customer priority and open 365 days.

    We repair devices within a day to bring back your gaming experience as soon as possible. Wait no more and use our services today for PlayStation Vita repair. Contact us through the site or walk into our shop with the device.

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      How long will it take to repair my PlayStation Vita Slim?

      The PlayStation Vita slim repair depends upon the complicity of damage. We do our best to resolve any issue same day, but complex problems take a few days to resolve.

      Will the repair process erase any of my saved data?

      We keep your data backup our priority. Before any repair, we suggest our customers save their data. Even during repair, we remain careful against the loss of any data.

      Do you accept walk-ins?

      Yes, Smart Addiction is located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. You may bring the device at any time as your feasibility.

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