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    iPhone Battery Replacement Service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    A faulty battery can let you down at the most unexpected moment. For example, it can become completely discharged or even bulge, breaking the case and other internal components. You don’t want to have such an unpleasant experience? Then, when you see the first signs of a problem, come to Smart Addiction. We advise clients for free. Take this opportunity to avoid trouble using your iPhone.

    By contacting our service center, you will receive a full range of services – from gadget diagnostics to troubleshooting, re-testing and further warranty service.

    Our team consists of engineers who perform repairs of any level of complexity, including microsoldering. Therefore, we successfully restore even those devices that were called “dead” in other service centers.

    And yet, we do not advise you to bring the situation to a critical moment. If you see the first signs that you need an iPhone battery replacement, try to take your gadget in for repair as soon as possible. You can apply right now on our website. You can also call us or come to our office in Brooklyn. We are waiting for you!

    How Smart Addiction Works
    Free Diagnostic
    Bring your device in and get an estimate. No obligations!
    Easy Approval
    We'll call, email, or text you to approve the repair details. No deposit as long as we have your device at our shop
    Most of the repairs can be done the same or the next day. If specific parts are required, overnight shipping is available
    We provide a 30-day warranty on our labor and part malfunction. Physical Damage is not covered.

    Fast iPhone Battery Replacement

    Battery wear is a natural process that cannot be prevented. Sooner or later, the period of continuous operation of the gadget before recharging will noticeably decrease. This means it’s time to contact the engineers to check this version.battery for iphone 12 pro max

    But it also happens that iPhone battery repair is needed due to improper operation of the gadget. For example, it can be dangerous to use a smartphone in extremely high or low temperatures. Also, often problems with the battery arise due to a fall from a height or water ingress into the case. Here are a few signs that the problem exists:

    • Strong charge jumps. When the iPhone is disconnected from the charger, the gadget turns off or shows a low charge. This malfunction occurs even if you have charged the device to 100%.
    • The battery charge remains at the same level for several hours.
    • Swelling of the iPhone battery, as a result of which the integrity of the phone case is violated.
    • The phone does not see charging when connected and does not charge.
    • The battery gets very hot.

    In any of these situations, you should contact the service center. The Smart Addiction team will immediately check your gadget and determine whether an iPhone battery replacement is really needed, and not another repair.

    Just an hour after contacting our service center, you will be able to use your smartphone again without fear that it will run out of power at the wrong time.

    Trust Us With iPhone Battery Replacement

    iPhone battery repair is a labor-intensive process, as the gadgets of this brand have complex designs and are very compact. Without sufficient experience and professional equipment, any attempt to open an iPhone case can lead to a complete breakdown of the gadget.

    Do not try to fix the smartphone yourself! Come to Smart Addiction!

    We can help you with any repair, including iPhone battery replacement. Our team consists of only qualified engineers who have extensive experience working with Apple products.

    Clients trust us for many reasons:

    • Free consultations and diagnostics
    • Using only original iPhone batteries
    • Repair all iPhone models
    • Warranty for the work performed
    • Individual approach to the problem of each client

    We always fulfill orders quickly, as we value the time of our customers.

    If you want to repair your iPhone quickly and efficiently, choose Smart Addiction! With our help, your smartphone will be full of energy again!

    Price list
    iPhone X$145.0030 days
    iPhone XS$145.0030 days
    iPhone XR$145.0030 days
    iPhone XS Max$145.0030 days
    iPhone 11$145.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Pro$145.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Max$145.0030 days
    iPhone 11 Mini$145.0030 days
    iPhone 12 $165.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Pro $165.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Pro Max$175.0030 days
    iPhone 12 Mini$145.0030 days
    iPhone 13$165.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Pro$165.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Pro Max$175.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Mini$145.0030 days
    iPhone 14$145.0030 days
    iPhone 14 Plus$165.0030 days
    iPhone 14 Pro$165.0030 days
    iPhone 13 Pro Max$175.0030 days
    How much does it cost to replace a battery in an iPhone?

    iPhone battery replacement depends on several factors, such as the presence of technical problems in the smartphone, the iPhone model, etc. The minimum price is $75. A more accurate price will be reported to you by our engineers after a free diagnostic of the gadget.

    Is it worth it to replace a battery in an iPhone?

    Battery replacement costs significantly less than the cost of a new gadget. If your smartphone has no other technical problems and functions well, you can replace the battery and continue using the device.

    How many years does the iPhone battery last?

    Like most mobile gadgets, iPhones have a lithium-ion battery. On the one hand, it has a large capacity and quickly charges. On the other hand, after prolonged use, the battery inevitably loses its quality and quickly discharges. The average battery life varies from one and a half to three years, after which the iPhone battery will need to be replaced. Experts say that after two years of active use, the battery loses more than 20% and more than 5% after storage.

    Is Apple battery replacement free?

    If you have AppleCare+ and your product’s battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity, you are eligible for a free battery replacement at an Apple Service Center. Otherwise, battery replacement will be charged. You can contact any service center for service. For example, in Smart Addiction, an iPhone battery replacement costs from $75.


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