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Expert Game Controller Repair Shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or you’re maintaining an older console to enjoy your favorite childhood games, our skilled video game controller repair shop in Bay Ridge has got you covered. Our specialists will identify and address your technical issues, ensuring you can get back to gaming quickly. If your game controller is on the fritz don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Smart Addiction is your go-to solution for expert game controller repair. 

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    We Provide Professional And Fast Video Game Controller Repair

    Our experienced repair engineers assess and fix issues promptly. Same-day service is available for swift resolutions. Quality parts ensure a reliable, lasting repair. Are you concerned about losing your saved game progress? Worry not because at our expert controller repair shop, we prioritize data preservation during the video game controller repair process.

    Signs that your video game controller might need repair

    • Input Malfunctions: Unresponsive buttons, sticky or overly sensitive controls, and erratic joystick movements can signal issues.
    • Connection Problems: If your controller frequently disconnects or struggles to establish a stable connection with the gaming console.
    • Power Issues: Difficulty in turning the controller on or off, or issues with charging and battery life.
    • Physical Damage: Visible cracks, broken components, or loose parts on the controller.
    • Unusual Vibrations or Sounds: Any abnormal sensations or noises during the operation could indicate internal problems.
    • Syncing Problems: If the controller fails to sync with the gaming console or experiences delays in response.
    • Controller Repair - game controllers fixed in store by Electronic PartnersSoftware Glitches: Issues with the controller’s compatibility or performance after software updates.
    • Wear and Tear: Signs of general wear, like worn-out grips, faded buttons, or a generally worn appearance.
    • Inconsistent Performance: If the controller’s performance is inconsistent or if it registers inputs inaccurately.
    • Overheating: Excessive heat during prolonged use, which may affect the controller’s functionality. In rare cases, it appears when you insert batteries.


    If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to seek professional video game controller repair services at our controller repair shop to ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your game controller.

    Why Choose Smart Addiction?

    Discover the advantages that set us apart:

    • Experienced repair engineers at our controller repair shop ensure top-tier service.
    • With an expertise of 10+ years in business, we offer competitive repairs
    • We offer a wide range of repairs, from controllers to consoles.
    • Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our customer-oriented approach and free consultation services.
    • Quality parts guarantee lasting performance.

    Video Game Controller Repair Cost

    At Smart Addiction, we provide free estimates for all repairs, affordable pricing with no hidden fees, and a 30-day warranty on all repairs for peace of mind.  In general, the cost of video game controller repair is determined by two key factors: the nature of the repair required and the extent of the damage.

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      What types of game controllers do you repair?

      We specialize in repairing various game controllers, including those from popular brands like Xbox, PlayStation, and more.

      How long does it take to repair a game controller?

      Our skilled technicians aim for quick turnarounds, often completing repairs on the same day. According to our experience, the repair time for a game controller can vary depending on the specific issue and the availability of parts. However, it typically takes 2 to 3 days and up to 1 week to repair a game controller if the issue is severe

      Can you repair my game controller's wireless connection?

      Absolutely! We’re adept at resolving both wired and wireless connectivity issues.

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