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PS5 Repair Shop

If your PS5 is unable to power on, has a blinking light, a cracked case, or a stuck game, contact Smart Addiction. We are an all-inclusive PS5 repair shop. Our experts are trained in PlayStation 5 repair. Just go through a form stick to the site or visit our shop in New York for same-day repair.

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    PS5 Repair Shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    Sony PS5 has become the best choice for gamers. Unlike its predecessor PS4, PS5 has a vertical stand. It can fall easily from the table. Software issues are also common in PS5 gaming consoles. Many gamers have reported blinking of blue lights and frequent power off. With gaming consoles, our shop also repairs

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Drones

    Our representative will contact you with price estimations. Only after your approval, we move further for repairing a device. 

    PS5 Playstation 5 Digital Edition No Power RepairOur PS5 Console Repair Services

    At our PS5 repair shop, Smart Addiction offers a wide variety of services. Some are

    HDMI Port Repair

    It is made of plastic and is fragile to be broken as the console drops. A broken HDMI port also stops the functioning of the console. It is necessary to repair the HDMI port as soon as the damage occurs.

    Hard Drive Repair

    If a hard drive is broken or noisy means it needs immediate repair. It may also be unable to read the game. For whatsoever issue bring it to Smart Addiction

    Laser Repair

    If the PS console is not reading discs and showing a read error message means it’s time for PS5 Laser repair. Our experts can repair the lens of the console in no time.

    Other Repair Services

    Our other repairing services for PS5 consoles are:

    • Motherboard repair
    • Dust cleaning
    • System upgrade
    • Controller repair

    For simple issues, we take a few hours but for complex ones, we take a few more days.

    Smart Addiction Is Your Choice

    Being in the repair industry for more than a decade, Smart Addiction is well aware of the small bolts and nuts of the gaming console. We are the renowned PS5 repair shop for well-trained technicians and customer-oriented services. Smart Addiction also holds a policy to work with trusted suppliers and use genuine parts only. For surety, we offer a 30-day warranty after any repair. Trach us today for a free consultation.

    Sony PS5 Repair Cost

    Sony PS5 repair cost varies depending upon the damage. We are offering a market-competitive package with credible services. Our diagnosis and estimations are free of cost.

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      How much do your repairs typically cost?

      Our repair cost varies. It depends on the model and the damage, but we assure an affordable price and quality service.

      How long does it usually take to repair a PS5?

      For simple issues and system upgradation, we take a few hours. For complex issues and replacements, we take more time. 

      What types of PS5 repairs do you offer?

      We deal with all types of hardware and software issues with PS5. We offer port repair, console repair, motherboard repair, etc.

      Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?

      Yes, Smart Addiction offers a 30-day warranty after any of its repair services.

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