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    iPad Pro Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    Even the most careful owners can inadvertently drop their gadget into water or onto a hard surface. No one is immune from such troubles. The main thing in such a situation is to know who to contact to fully restore your device.

    Apple Service Center is not always ready to perform iPad Pro repair. Especially if the warranty period has already expired, and the cause of the breakdown is not a manufacturing defect, but careless handling of the tablet.

    Therefore, do not waste your time, contact Smart Addiction immediately. Our competent consultation and full diagnostics will allow you to avoid any problems in the further operation of your iPad Pro.

    Price list
    Screen Replacementfrom $180.0030 days
    Battery Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Charging Port Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Camera Replacementwill be soon30 days
    Is it worth repairing the iPad Pro?

    If you have the opportunity to repair your gadget at an Apple service center under warranty, do it without hesitation. It’s definitely worth it.

    If the warranty has already expired or you cannot use it, you can contact Smart Addiction for help. Our team does quality work and uses only original spare parts. You will not pay for diagnostics, as we provide all types of consultations free of charge. And depending on our verdict, you will be able to make the final decision.

    In cases where the breakdown is very complex and the repair will be expensive, we warn the client in advance. In critical cases, it can be easier to buy a new gadget.

    However, most often, customers prefer to repair the gadget in our service center, as it costs much less, and the updated devices work for a very long time.

    How much does it cost to fix an iPad Pro screen?

    Of course, the cheapest way to replace your iPad Pro screen is with Apple Care. But what if you don’t have it?

    You definitely should not repair the gadget yourself. Even if you can open it without breaking the glass, you could damage other internal components and cost you even more to repair.

    Come to Smart Addiction for help. We will diagnose the gadget for free, and immediately inform you of the total cost of the repair. Thus, you will know in advance the cost of the service. The price of the screen repair depends on the model and size of the gadget.

    What is the average lifespan of an iPad Pro?

    The iPad Pro case is lightweight yet durable, so it can withstand even the toughest impacts. However, the large display of the gadget cracks quite often. Mechanical damage is dangerous for it.

    Another weak point of any gadget is the battery. Even if you use your iPad Pro very carefully, the battery will start to deteriorate sooner or later. It is the result of chemical processes that take place inside.

    In general, iPad Pro has a lifespan of three to five years. If you contact the service center for repair and maintenance in time, this period may be extended.


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