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Cell Phone battery replacement

Your gadget runs out of power very quickly and now you are tied to a charger or carry a power bank with you everywhere? Smart Addiction Service Center will help you solve this problem. The best way is phone battery replacement.

Our service center has all the necessary materials, tools, and technical bases to perform high-quality work in the shortest possible time.

Our main advantages:

– replacement of the smartphone battery is carried out using special tools;

– all work is carried out by qualified specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills;

– Smart Addiction only uses original batteries.

We always have the necessary components in stock, which speeds up customer service. But even with a high speed of work, we always care about quality and high results. We provide all our customers with a one-month guarantee, which indicates the reliability of our services.

To become our client, you just need to make a phone call, write an e-mail, come to our office or simply fill out an application on the site. We are ready to help you!

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    We Are Good at Cell Phone Battery Replacement

    Now let’s talk about when you absolutely need to seek help from a service center to perform a phone battery replacement.

    – a smartphone is quickly discharged and slowly charged;

    – a gadget turns off during a call or launching programs, although the indicator shows a full battery charge;

    – a battery becomes very hot during the operation of the cell phone;

    – a battery is swollen.Amazon Fire Phone Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    Batteries that swell are especially dangerous as they can cause additional damage to the case and internal components. Therefore, in these cases, try to bring the gadget to the service center as soon as possible.

    Smart Addiction engineers will conduct a completely free diagnostic, regardless of the model and brand of your smartphone. We will check your gadget and determine if it has other damages and breakdowns. Then we will tell you the total cost of the service and the deadline for completing the task. It usually takes no more than an hour.

    Thus, by contacting our service center, you will receive an updated smartphone and warranty service for a month on the same day.

    Trust Us With Phone battery replacement 

    The reasons why the battery failed can be different. For example:

    – The owners used a non-original charger.

    – The smartphone has been damaged by mechanical impact and the battery has lost its tightness.

    – Water has entered the case and oxidation has occurred.

    – Natural wear and tear of the battery.

    However, for Smart Addiction engineers, the cause of the breakdown does not matter. We will fix your gadget in any case, including phone battery replacement if necessary.

    We guarantee each of our clients quality service, which includes:

    – use only original spare parts;

    – one-month warranty for repairs and spare parts;

    – free diagnostics and consultation;

    – clearly established prices and deadlines for the performance of work;

    – convenient work schedule, which allows you to come to us any day.

    We work with all models of smartphones. Come to us and forget about the constantly discharged phone!

    Price list
    Cell Phone battery replacementfrom $ 80-9030 days
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      What is the average cost to replace a phone battery?

      The cell phone model affects the repair cost as the parts have different prices. For example, it can be more expensive to replace the battery in an iPhone than in a Chinese smartphone. For more information call Smart Addiction.

      Is it worth replacing the battery on the phone?

      The advantage of cell phones lies in their portability. When the battery of your gadget is constantly draining, you cannot use it for a long time without being connected to an electrical outlet. This means that the gadget loses its advantage. If you want to fix this, you need to change the battery. Also, do not forget that when the battery is damaged, when it is swollen, or when it heats up quickly, it affects other internal components very badly and this can lead to new breakdowns.

      Will battery replacement erase data?

      No, phone battery replacement does not harm the data in the smartphone.

      Does frequent charging damage phone batteries?

      No. Almost all smartphones have Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are equipped with sensors and controls to prevent heavy loads while the battery is charging or discharging.

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