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    Phone Charging Port Repair

    Charging port failure often seems minor, but it can lead to serious battery problems and completely drain your gadget. As a result, a smartphone in which all other functions work normally will simply cease to serve you and become useless. Therefore, do not ignore even the slightest signs of port damage.

    Phone charging port repair is a quick procedure, but it involves micro soldering, which requires special equipment and a lot of experience. Any attempt to fix the port without the right skills can lead to more extensive damage. The only correct solution in this situation is to contact a reliable service center.

    The Smart Addiction engineering team works for you every day. You can contact us in any way convenient for you – by email, by phone, come to the office, or leave a request on the website below.

    How Smart Addiction Works
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    Phone Charging Port Repair With Smart Addiction

    So, let’s figure out in which cases you need to contact the service center. Here are a few basic signs that the gadget has technical problems:

    – You connected the gadget to a power source, but there is no corresponding icon on the smartphone screen to start charging.

    – The smartphone is not fully charged or charges very slowly. You cannot charge the battery to 100%.

    – A discharged smartphone does not turn on while connected to a power source.

    The cause of the problems here may be the charging port, the battery, or the charger. You can find out more about this after the engineer diagnoses the gadget.

    Perhaps a gentle cleaning of the charging port will be the solution to your problem. But the replacement of components may be needed here too. Professional Smart Addiction engineers will quickly identify the cause and inform you about it. You can get such diagnostics and consultations for free.

    We Are Good at Phone charging port repairApple iPhone Charging Port Repairs & Replacement Service in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane

    After the mandatory diagnostics, our engineers will choose the best way for phone charging port repair. This may affect the timing and cost of repairs.

    – Dirty charging port. Keeping the port clean is tricky as it stays open even with a protective cover on, but cleaning the port is easy and not a problem.

    – Moisture entering the port can lead to more serious consequences, such as oxidation of internal components. If this has already happened, replacement parts may be necessary.

    – Looseness of the connector may occur due to the sudden pulling of the charging cord, the use of a low-quality charger, etc. Most likely, the engineers will replace the charging port.

    – Voltage fluctuations may cause the charging port to melt. It may be necessary to replace all affected elements.

    – Manufacturing defects are rare cases, but they also happen and, usually, the problem is detected in the first days of operation. The solution is to replace the charging port.

    – Wear and tear of the charging port is also inevitable. But with careful operation, you are more likely to replace the phone than to face the natural wear of the charging connector.

    In any of these situations, Smart Addiction engineers will give your gadget a second life. You will be able to use your smartphone again as if there were no technical problems.

    List of other phone repairs

    Price list
    Phone charging port repairfrom $80-9030 days
    How much does it cost to repair a phone charging port?

    The cost of the service may vary depending on the type of malfunction. Cleaning will cost less than a complete replacement of the charging port. For water damage where other components are also affected, repairs will cost even more. The engineer will tell you the exact cost of the service after he has carried out the diagnostics.

    Can you fix the charging port on your phone?

    Any smartphone repair must be carried out by engineers who have a sufficient level of skill and experience. They must also have the necessary professional equipment and original spare parts. The Smart Addiction team has it all in its arsenal, so we repair smartphones and other gadgets quickly and efficiently. But we advise you to never repair your smartphone yourself! This can lead to new troubles. Contact service centers!

    What Causes a Bad Charging Port?

    The charging port in a mobile phone can fail for several reasons. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cleanliness inside the port. A cell phone is often carried in a pocket of clothing, and the port is left open – and the smallest particles of debris are stuffed there. This dirt does not allow the plug to enter the port all the way.

    MicroUSB ports, unlike all the others, are soldered directly to the board, which makes them very delicate. They break quickly if not handled carefully. Therefore, we advise you to use MicroUSB to charge your gadget less often.

    Also, the causes of failure can be moisture, voltage drops, and natural wear of parts.

    How to know if the charger port is damaged?

    Several factors can signal a problem with the charging port.

    – Overheating the connection and battery.

    – Charging is intermittent.

    – The charge is carried out only in a certain position of the wire.

    – The cable does not hold well or falls out.

    – The smartphone is connected to a power source, but it is not charging.

    In all these cases, you should consult with an engineer. You can get repair advice in Smart Addiction.


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