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    Water Damaged Phone Repair in Brooklyn

    What then to do if the cell phone fell into the water or coffee was spilled on it? The best solution is to immediately contact the service center.

    If you try to dry the gadget yourself, you will simply lose precious time, during which the smartphone will receive more serious damage. Do not hope that over time the moisture will evaporate on its own and the problem will be solved. Conversely, condensation can quickly spread inside the case and damage many components.

    To fix liquid damaged iPhone or any other smartphone, leave a request on our website. You can also call us, write a letter or come to the office right away. We are waiting for you!

    How Smart Addiction Works
    Free Diagnostic
    Bring your device in and get an estimate. No obligations!
    Easy Approval
    We'll call, email, or text you to approve the repair details. No deposit as long as we have your device at our shop
    Most of the repairs can be done the same or the next day. If specific parts are required, overnight shipping is available
    We provide a 30-day warranty on our labor and part malfunction. Physical Damage is not covered.

    Troubleshooting Cell Phone Liquid Damage

    It is important to remember that the main problem is not the water itself, but the conductive salts. They can remain on the parts after the water dries and corrode the metal parts of the phone. Therefore, cleaning and complete diagnostics of the gadget are mandatory.

    The main smartphone cleaning steps performed by the Smart Addiction wizards include:

    – disassembly of the device;

    – removal of the display and board;

    – drying of components;

    – cleaning with a special solution or ultrasound of contacts and microcircuits;

    – Gadget assembly and testing.How To Repair Water Damaged Cell Phones In 4 Steps – Easy Guide | Prizm Institute Blog

    At each of these stages, difficulties can arise if some of the internal components of the gadget are damaged. Then there will be a need to repair them or replace them completely. For this reason, it is impossible to know in advance the timing and cost of phone liquid damage repair. You need to wait for the diagnostic result. Our engineers will provide you with complete information about the condition of your gadget.

    If the damage is too extensive and it will cost too much to repair, we will let you know before the restoration work begins. We provide all consultations and diagnostics free of charge.

    Trust Us With Phone Water Damage Repair

    So, now you have seen how serious the consequences of water damage can be and how difficult mobile phone water damage repair is. Therefore, you should entrust this work only to experienced and professional engineers.

    The Smart Addiction service center has managed to earn a good reputation over the years. Thousands of customers have been convinced of our honesty, reliability, and high-level service.

    Our advantages:

    – Customers receive a one-month warranty on repairs and parts.

    – Our engineers are highly experienced. In particular, repairmen perform micro-soldering, which is often needed for large-scale water damage.

    – Free diagnostics are always carried out before repair. Due to this, the causes of the breakdown are accurately determined and this is the key to high-quality repairs.

    – Parts that need to be replaced are always in stock. For rare models of smartphones, components can be ordered, it will take a minimum of time.

    – For the work of the master use only special tools and professional equipment.

    Phone Water Damage Repair Cost

    How much does it cost cell phone water damage repair? It depends on the:

    • Models Repair of different phone models will cost differently due to the complexity and cost of spare parts.
    • Degree of damage. Damage will be minimal if a little time has passed and the smartphone was immediately turned off and did not turn on. And vice versa if you brought it a few days later or used it after spilling on it.

    We will give you a price after we have inspected it. It’s free.

    List of other phone repairs

    Can a phone damaged by water be repaired?

    It depends on how badly the gadget was damaged by moisture and how quickly you asked for help. The sooner you take your smartphone to a service center, the higher your chances of saving it.

    Is it expensive to fix a water-damaged phone?

    The cost of repairs depends on the amount of damage. Engineers can determine the extent of the problem and the degree of damage only after diagnosing the gadget. If the damage is too severe and the repair cost is too high, Smart Addiction engineers will warn you about it.

    Can a wet phone dry on its own?

    This is possible in cases where there is very little moisture in the case, but we do not advise you to risk your gadget like that. If the liquid contains impurities, it can cause great damage to the smartphone. For example, sweet coffee or salty seawater is much more dangerous than still water.

    Even if after drying your phone turns on and works, do not flatter yourself! The corrosion process takes place inside the case, and this destroys the components. If this is not stopped, it will end in a breakdown that can no longer be fixed. Therefore, contact the service center as soon as possible.

    What are the signs of water damage to a phone?

    The first symptoms of the negative impact of moisture may be such technical problems:

    – the phone does not turn on;

    – the phone stopped charging;

    – the phone does not see the power source;

    – the phone does not see the SIM card;

    – the sensor does not work;

    – incorrect image on the screen: smudges, spots are visible or there is no image at all.

    We advise you to carry out phone water damage repair in professional service centers that repair equipment. Because this type of repair requires knowledge, skills, and the availability of special equipment.


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