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MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement Service

Since 2017, Apple has been offering the most technologically advanced keyboard on the MacBook. The low travel and particularly quiet sound when typing impressed users a lot. But these features also proved to be a problem. Customers often bring us MacBooks on which the keyboard has failed due to small crumbs or dust getting inside. The keyboard is also sensitive to hard hits on the keys. That is why in the event of a breakdown, we advise you to contact the MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement Service.
For example, MacBook Pro 2017, MacBook 12”, MacBook Air Retina 2018-2020, and other models often suffer from these problems. Fortunately, our engineers are highly experienced in troubleshooting these technical issues.
When you bring your gadgets to us, we will thoroughly check them and identify any damage. Then we will choose the best repair approach:
– in some cases, it is enough to clean the keyboard – and its performance will be fully restored;
– in more difficult situations, we will offer the buyer a replacement Macbook Pro keyboard.
Do not try to fix the gadget yourself!

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    Can the Keyboard Be Repaired Rather Than Replaced?

    Theoretically, this is certainly possible, but in practice, it all depends on the type of breakdown. That is why high-quality repairs are possible only with preliminary diagnostics.

    Let’s look at the malfunctions that may occur:

    – Sticky keys. This is often caused by sticky and sugary substances getting on the keyboard. Cleaning your keyboard might help.

    – Falling and broken keys. One option is to replace damaged keys. The second is a complete Macbook Pro keyboard replacement.

    – The lack of response to pressing or when pressing one key, the laptop gives the value of a completely different one. The reason may be related to both software and mechanical damage.

    Come to Smart Addition to find out the cause of your laptop failure. Our consultations and diagnostics are free of charge.

    We Can Replace Your Keyboard And Fix Your ProblemFixxo - MacBook Keyboard Replacement | One key or full keyboard, we do it

    So, there are ways to fix a MacBook keyboard, but they can not always be applied. In case of severe damage, engineers are forced to completely change the keyboard to a new one. This procedure is more complicated than replacing individual keys, but this is another chance to save your gadget.

    Sometimes users try to fix the keyboard themselves, but this ends up with even more technical difficulties. And this is not surprising, because to replace the keyboard you need to disassemble the MacBook and remove the display, and then remove the screws and unfasten the keyboard. The work is most difficult in the area where the TopCase is attached to the motherboard.

    At each of these stages, there is a risk of making a mistake and damaging the gadget even more. In addition, it would be impossible to disassemble and assemble a Macbook with special equipment. This is why Apple gadget repairs should only be done by professionals.

    Trust Us With Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    Smart Addition offers you the best terms of cooperation and the highest quality service. By ordering a Macbook Pro keyboard replacement from us, you will receive:

    – free diagnostics;

    – one-month warranty;

    – original spare parts;

    – fast service.

    In our service center, you can replace the keyboard on any MacBook model on the same day, as we almost always have all the necessary parts. In some cases, spare parts need to be ordered from the warehouse, and then we will discuss the terms with you additionally. Thanks to this approach, you will always know in advance how much the repair will cost you and when you will receive your updated laptop again.

    Price list
    Macbook Keyboard Replacementfrom $16530 days
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      Can a Mac keyboard be replaced?

      Sometimes the keyboard can be partially repaired. For example, engineers can change a few keys that are broken. Or clean the keyboard if it gets dirty. But if the damage is more extensive and these approaches don’t work, a Macbook Pro keyboard replacement will be required. We will be able to provide you with more detailed information after a complete diagnosis of the gadget.

      Will any keyboard work with a MacBook Pro?

      Yes, it is possible. You can connect the keyboard using Bluetooth or USB-A-to-C adapter.

      What to do if your Mac's keyboard is broken?

      The only correct solution in this situation is to take the broken gadget to a service center, where experienced engineers will do everything necessary to repair it. Do not try to repair the keyboard yourself!

      Why do Mac keyboards break?

      MacBook keyboards are quite durable, but due to the low travel, they are highly resistant to dirt and dust.

      There are other reasons for breakdowns:

      — A large amount of liquid has spilled onto the keyboard. In most cases, the liquid will damage the internals, and the keyboard will no longer work, which is why the MacBook requires a complete keyboard replacement.

      — The Macbook has been dropped and badly damaged. If after that the keys broke or began to sink, we can restore them.

      — Software failures. The keyboard visually looks intact, but none of the keys responds to pressing, or the keys do not function correctly. In this case, the cause can be named only after diagnosis.

      The best solution here is to replace the keyboard. Contact the Smart Addition service center to get a free consultation and quality service.

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