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MacBook Repair

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    Price list
    Screen Replacement from $100.0030 days
    Battery Replacement from $75.0030 days
    Keyboard Replacement from $85.0030 days
    HDD/SDD Upgrade from $75.0030 days
    Hinge Repair/Replacement from $85.0030 days
    Motherboard Repair (Soldering) from $195.00
    Motherboard Replacement from $195.0030 days
    Powerjack Repair/Replacement from $100.0030 days
    Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement from $100.0030 days
    Touchpad Repair/Replacement from $85.0030 days
    Speaker Repair/Replacement from $85.0030 days
    Fan Repair from $80.0030 days
    Dust Cleaning + Thermal past change from $75.0030 days
    Water Damage Cleaning from $175.00
    Flex & Other Internal Cables Replacement\Soldering from $75.0030 days
    Software Help$50.00/half hour
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    Can MacBook Airs be repaired?

    Yes! MacBook Airs can be repaired at their retail stores in all United States. However, it’s somewhat hard to fix the troubleshooting this device. But it can fix it by only the experts. 

    Is it expensive to fix a MacBook?

    There is much white and black area in this matter. Because it depends on the intensity of the damage and the skillfulness of the technician. However, there is a cost from $300 to $1500 or more, a range running in the market. 

    Is it worth it to fix a MacBook Air screen?

    For now no. In more cases, it’s just assumed that fixing or replacing the cracked screen of a MacBook Air will be worthwhile. But in actuality, it’s a worthless and extravagant option. Because it demands to invest in several other parts too. So, purchasing a new machine seems a wise decision. 

    What are the disadvantages of MacBook Air?

    There are various downsides of MacBook Air, i.e., expensive than common laptops, has a poor gaming facility, lack of ports, compromised webcam quality, limited hardware upgrades, no efficient software support, limited storage options, and even Windows can’t run on the Apple Silicon MacBooks. 

    How long should a MacBook Air last?

    On average, there are about 5 to 7 years of the life span of a MacBook Air. It all depends on the tenure of use it and its purpose of use.