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    Qualified Google Pixel Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

    When your Google Pixel smartphone doesn’t work as it should, it’s sad. It would be:

    • Cracked screen
    • Not charging
    • Maybe it drowned
    • Doesn’t turn on at all

    In these cases, you can contact the repair shop, where the experts will extend their service life.

    Bring your Google Pixel to our Smart Addiction Service Center. We will diagnose, find all the problems and fix them so that you can use the device again. Come to our Brooklyn office or just fill out the form below.

    Price list
    Screen replacementfrom $120.00 30 days
    Battery replacement from $80.00 30 days
    Charging port cleaning, repair, or replacementfrom $65.00 30 days
    Back glass replacement from $100.00 30 days
    Camera repair from $50.00 30 days
    Button repair from $70.00 30 days
    Is the Google Pixel repairable?

    Google launched its first Pixel devices back in 2013. To date, this line includes Chromebook Pixel laptops, Pixel smartphones and Pixel C tablets. High quality and ease of use have made the gadgets of this line quite popular all over the world.

    But the more Google devices conquer the market, the more often they are bought, and the more often they appear in repair shops. This is an inevitable process since any technique breaks down sooner or later.

    Smart Addiction`s engineers are highly experienced in Google Pixel repair. We can safely say that the gadgets of this company are undoubtedly repairable. We successfully eliminate any breakdowns, regardless of their complexity.

    Is Google Pixel easy to repair?

    The entire Google Pixel line is disassembled through the display. We can say that this is no longer a rarity at the moment. However, some repair difficulties are associated with this.

    The fact is that the Google Pixel screen is quite difficult to separate from the case. This requires special equipment and experience. The whole procedure is risky as the display may be damaged.

    In addition, after the Google Pixel screen repair, it is necessary to restore the tightness of the case so that water does not accidentally get inside.

    That is why the repair is absolutely impossible to carry out at home. If you try to repair it yourself, you run the risk of turning one failure into a whole set of more complex failures. And when you turn to professional repairmen for help, you will have to pay a much higher amount.


    What is the lifespan of a Google Pixel?

    The Google Pixel has not been on the market for as long as, for example, Apple and Samsung, which consumers know very well. These two brands have entire armies of fans who discuss all the pros and cons of each gadget model for a long time and actively. And these discussions are based on years of experience using smartphones.

    Google Pixel does not have such a long history, and users have less experience with this brand. However, we can say that Google Pixel is a strong player among Android brands. You can definitely rely on the software of the gadget, as well as on any software from Google.

    As for other characteristics, there may be difficulties. For example, some Google Pixel owners complain about short battery life. However, you can quickly solve such problems by contacting the Smart Addiction service center.



    Is the Google Pixel worth it?

    Smartphones from the Google Pixel brand have established themselves in the market as high-quality and modern products.

    Therefore, most of the breakdowns that happen to phones occur due to their careless or irrational use. When your smartphone is broken, you should seek help only from professionals. This will allow you to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time and with maximum quality.


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