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Fast iPhone 11 Pro Repair Service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Many users love Apple gadgets for their high level of quality. But even these reliable smartphones can fail.

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro has improved dust and water resistance compared to its predecessors. But does it help when the gadget case is broken? Also, owners like the large display of the iPhone 11 Pro, but it can also break as a result of a strong impact.

The best solution is to go to a service center that performs iPhone 11 Pro repair. Smart Addiction’s professional repairmen will help you fix any technical issues related to your gadget. Before that, they will conduct a free diagnosis and consultation.

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    We Offer All Kinds of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Repair

    The screen is covered with cracks, the speaker makes a bad sound, the camera does not turn on, and the battery runs out quickly … Alas, even the most reliable gadget is not immune from these problems. Most often, iPhone breakdowns occur due to physical impact. The owner may drop the smartphone, sit on it, spill water, etc.

    To fix your iPhone 11 Pro, contact Smart Addiction. We provide all the necessary services.iphone 11 pro repair

    • Screen repair. We can replace the glass or the entire display module, depending on the degree of damage.
    • Battery replacement. Our repairmen will supply a new original battery to replace the worn-out one.
    • Charging port repair. This can be either cleaning the port, or a complete replacement with a new one.
    • Camera repair. Any defects in the image or a complete shutdown of the camera is a reason to contact the service center.
    • Water damage repair. If even a few drops of water get inside the case, the consequences can be serious. Therefore, you should immediately take the device for repair.

    Usually, iPhone 11 Pro repair takes from 40 minutes to several hours. Smart Addiction always works fast, so you will receive a refurbished smartphone in the shortest possible time.

    Trust Us With iPhone 11 Pro Repair

    iPhone 11 Pro repair in Smart Addiction is an opportunity to quickly restore the functionality of your gadget and get a high level of service. The employees of our service center are always on the side of customers and offer optimal solutions to problems.

    • You can come to us without an appointment and at a convenient time for you.
    • You will be able to discuss the cost of services and spare parts in advance.
    • You will receive a free consultation from our engineers.
    • You will receive a one-month warranty for iPhone 11 Pro repair.

    Often, customers are concerned about the timing of the repair, because the mobile phone has long been an integral part of life. In Smart Addiction, all work is done after the gadget is diagnosed.

    The Apple iPhone 11 Pro smartphone is an expensive mobile device, and we understand that in the event of a breakdown, the client is interested in all the details of the repair. Therefore, we will give you answers to all your questions, both in person and by phone.

    Price list
    Screen Replacementfrom $115.0030 days
    Battery Replacementfrom $135.0030 days
    Charging Port cleaning, repair, or replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Camera Lens Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
    Back Glass Replacementfrom $100.0030 days
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      Is the iPhone 11 still worth it?

      The iPhone 11 Pro was released in September 2019. Apple pleased customers with several improvements:

      • Dual camera with two lenses, wide angle and ultra-wide angle.
      • Powerful 3110 mA battery.
      • Support wireless and fast charging.
      • Powerful Apple A13 processor with 6 cores.
      • 4GB of RAM.
      • IPS screen with a diagonal of 6.1.

      iPhone 11 Pro will be supported until 2026. Therefore, if you buy a gadget now, you will be able to fully use it until then.

      When should I replace my iPhone 11 Pro?

      Apple has discontinued its iPhone 11 Pro smartphone in 2020. Usually, after that, gadgets remain on the market for another year or two because sellers have stocks in their warehouses. Also, the brand continues to provide technical support for its devices for several years. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro will receive such support until 2026. After this period, the maintenance of this model will be difficult. Therefore, we recommend replacing this model before 2026.

      Should I upgrade to iPhone 14 from 11?

      If you’ve been using the iPhone 11 Pro for a long time, you’ll feel the difference when you upgrade to the iPhone 14.

      • Protection against water. Both models are not afraid of water, but test results have proven that the iPhone 14 is more durable.
      • Display. The display size of the two models is identical – 6.1 inches. But the iPhone 11 used the IPS version, while the iPhone 14 used OLED.
      • Cameras. The iPhone 14 cameras are more diverse and provide more options for the user.
      • Working hours. The new iPhone 14s lasts noticeably longer than older models.

      These iPhone models have other technical differences as well. Obviously, the iPhone 14 is a more advanced model. However, you need to remember that the cost of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro repair cost is lower than that of the iPhone 14.

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