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iPhone 12 Pro Repair Service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

No matter how hard brands try to improve their smartphones, no one succeeds in completely protecting them from technical problems. If you need an iPhone 12 Pro repair but the warranty period has expired or Apple refuses to consider the damage of your smartphone as a warranty case, Smart Addiction will help you.

We have been repairing Apple gadgets for more than ten years and have a lot of practice. The high efficiency of our work is possible because we have all the necessary professional equipment, original spare parts and skills.

Our team will perform any type of repair, including:

iPhone battery replacement;

– replacement of the camera;

cracked screen repair;

– replacement of all ports, etc.

Regardless of what caused the breakage (water damage, strong impact, software problems, etc.), we guarantee you quality iPhone 12 Pro repair.

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    We will fix your iPhone 12 Pro

    When Apple released this model, users were delighted with the updated design, but it became clear to service centers that iPhone 12 Pro repair has become more difficult.

    – The manufacturer has made the iPhone even thinner and lighter than before. Customers liked this very much, but professional engineers quickly realized that there was less free space inside the case and that every movement during the repair should be extremely accurate and careful.

    – Another innovation is imperceptible to users but critically important for repairmen. The display module has become much more difficult to detach from the case. The traditional suction cup tool is no longer enough here, you need heating.

    Other technical nuances influence the repairs. So, if it seems to you that you can fix your smartphone yourself, and even if you have already found spare parts, give up this idea. Your experiments may end very unsuccessfully and you will lose your smartphone. Trust us, the iPhone 12 Pro repair cost in our service center is much lower than the cost of a new gadget.

    Contact us! We will help you restore your gadget!

    Trust Us With iPhone 12 Pro Repair

    You do not need an appointment to have your iPhone repaired at our service center. Just come to our office when you need it. We will serve you immediately. Promptness is very important, especially in urgent cases such as water damage.

    The whole procedure includes only four steps.

    1) The client contacts Smart Addiction by phone, online, or personally brings the broken device to our service center in Brooklyn.

    2) After clarifying the details, the engineer conducts diagnostics and names the cost and timing of the work.

    3) Smart Addiction carries out repairs and tests the functionality of the smartphone.

    4) After payment, the owner takes the device.

    Our team are experienced experts who can replace any part, even if it requires microsoldering.

    Therefore, do not be discouraged if other service centers refuse to repair your gadget. Smart Addiction will help you!

    Price list
    Screen Replacementfrom $140.0030 days
    Battery Replacementfrom $190.0030 days
    Charging Port Cleaning, Repair or Replacementfrom $70.0030 days
    Camera Lens Replacementfrom $75.0030 days
    Back Glass Replacementfrom $160.0030 days
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      Is the iPhone 12 Pro repairable?

      The iPhone 12 Pro model does have several innovations that make the repair process more difficult. For example, opening a case has become more complicated and conventional tools are not enough for this procedure. However, the Smart Addiction service center has all the necessary equipment and experience that allows us to perform iPhone 12 Pro repairs quickly and efficiently.

      Can you repair the iPhone 12 yourself?

      Sometimes smartphone owners try to save money, and instead of contacting a service center, they try to repair the gadget on their own. Such attempts usually fail. Most often, the experiment ends already at the first stage, when they need to open the case and get the display. Fragile glass cracks in unskilled hands. Also, inside modern devices, all components are very close to each other, which complicates any repair. For these reasons and many more, we strongly discourage you from fixing your iPhone 12 Pro yourself.

      Is iPhone 12 Pro still a good buy?

      If you like Apple products and want to have a smartphone from this brand at an affordable price, the iPhone 12 Pro is the right choice. The price of this model has already dropped, so you can save money on this purchase. Apple will support this model until 2027, so you can safely use this gadget for now.

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