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iPhone 14 Plus repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

At Smart Addiction, you will receive all types of iPhone 14 Plus repair and routine maintenance services, including:

  • Display replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Replacing the charging cable
  • Replacement of case glass (back cover)
  • Housing replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Replacing speakers

For all types of repairs, you will receive a one-month warranty. To receive our free consultation, you can call us or fill out the form below.

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    Reliable iPhone Plus 14 repair service 

    For any smartphone, strong shocks, water damage, and power surges are especially destructive. They lead to serious damage that can complicate or make it impossible to use the gadget.

    Let’s look at a few examples when you may need iPhone 14 Plus repair.

    1. iPhone 14 Plus screen repair

    The iPhone 14 Plus is larger than the iPhone 14, so its screen is more vulnerable to physical damage if dropped. Cracks and chips may appear even with a protective glass or cover. Before starting the iPhone 14 Plus screen repair, our engineers always check whether the gadget has any other damage.

    2. iPhone 14 Plus back glass repair

    As with the display, the iPhone 14 Plus back glass is more at risk due to its larger size. Of course, the functionality of the back glass is much less than that of a screen, but damage to its surface can lead to more serious consequences, for example, moisture penetration into the case.

    3. iPhone 14 Plus camera repair

    Replacing the iPhone 14 Plus camera is a painstaking and lengthy process. Most often, iPhone owners contact Smart Addiction with the following problems:

    – Darkening of certain areas of the image and appearance of dark stripes.

    – Random pixelation of captured photos.

    – Turn off the display after opening the Camera application.

    – Software hangs after using the camera, etc.

    Today, iPhone 14 Plus camera repair is no longer included in the warranty list of Apple services, so to fix the gadget, you can contact the experienced engineers of our service center.

    iPhone 14 Plus repair: How Can We Help You

    Sometimes it is impossible to determine with the naked eye what exactly is broken in a smartphone. For example, when the device starts to freeze, overheat, turn off spontaneously, etc. Or when, as a result of strong impacts, not only the display and case but also internal components can be damaged. In such cases, it is better for iPhone owners to immediately contact our engineers. We will conduct a detailed diagnosis and check your device for any damage. To contact us, you just need to call us or leave a request on the website.

    Why Choose Smart Addiction

    In addition to detailed preliminary diagnostics, iPhone 14 Plus repair also requires the use of only original spare parts and proven tools. Smart Addiction has it all. We provide a one-month warranty on installed components and all repairs.

    iPhone 14 Plus repair cost

    The cost of repair depends on the type of breakdown and the cost of spare parts. Obviously, replacing the display will cost more than cleaning the ports. Therefore, you should consult with our engineers to determine exactly how much it will cost you to restore your gadget.

    For comprehensive iPhone 14 Plus repair solutions in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, trust Smart Addiction. Reach out to us today for a detailed consultation, and let our specialists rejuvenate your device to its full potential.

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      Does iPhone 14 glass break?

       While iPhones are designed with robustness in mind, they are not immune to accidents. Should your iPhone 14’s glass suffer damage, our repair services are here to assist, addressing issues like glass breakage and more.

      Will the iPhone 14 be repairable?

      Absolutely. Our team of experienced technicians is fully equipped and trained to handle a diverse array of iPhone 14 repairs, ensuring your device receives the care it deserves and stays in peak condition.

      Is it cheaper to fix an iPhone screen yourself?

       While DIY repairs might appear cost-effective at first glance, they carry a significant risk of causing additional harm to your device. For dependable, affordable, and professional iPhone 14 Plus screen repairs, it’s always best to rely on our seasoned experts.

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