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iPhone 14 pro

iPhone 14 Pro Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY 

iPhone 14 Pro provides next-level convenience to its users with ultra-edge and seamless design with a lot of reliable features. But any minor issue may create a big problem if it’s not fixed.

Whether there is a need to repair a screen or replace the battery, bring your device to Smart Addiction – a leading name in computer repairs. With our quality iPhone 14 Pro repair services, get back the fixed and properly working iPhone within hours. So, get your peace of mind back with us.

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    Quality iPhone 14 Pro Repair Services in Brooklyn

    When you need fast and reliable services for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, instead of doing experiments on your own, get professional assistance from expert technicians of Smart Addiction.

    Whether there are any software issues or hardware problems, a cracked screen needs to be fixed, or a faulty battery needs to be replaced with your iPhone 14 Pro, we can get all these jobs done with a 100% guarantee. 

    iPhone 14 Pro Screen Replacement

    The brand new iPhone 14 Pro comes with a long 6-inch all-screen OLED and super-sized Super Retina XDR display. Having such a stunning display demands extra care in the long run. Whether your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen is turned black, cracked, or damaged due to any issue.

    Our skilled technicians swiftly replace damaged screens, restoring vivid visuals for an immersive and crystal-clear user experience. So, get your damaged iPhone 14 Pro back to a healthy and functional one without compromising your budget.

    Apple's 14 Pro Max Is Worse Than the Vanilla 14 | iFixit NewsiPhone 14 Pro Back Glass Replacement

    If your iPhone 14 Pro back glass is cracked or damaged, it needs to be repaired ASAP because broken back glass causes adverse issues from charging to malfunctioning that compromises the overall phone performance.

    Get our reliable service from industry professionals who maintain your device’s sleek design by seamlessly repairing the back of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    iPhone 14 Pro Battery Replacement

    The new iPhone 14 Pro comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery having capabilities of up to 100 hours of audio playback. Such a strong battery ensures longer life. But if any technical issue drains the battery, get our professional assistance.

    We replace the aged, malfunctioning, or damaged battery of your iPhone 14 Pro with a long-life and optimal-performing one by our team of skilled tech engineers. We also work for port repair. So, enjoy non-stop browsing and video playback by getting our top-notch battery replacement service in Brooklyn.

    iPhone 14 Pro Repair Services Cost

    At Smart Addiction, we ensure fast and budget-friendly repair and replacement services. But to know our service charges, you can contact us. 

    Whether you want to know the iPhone 14 pro back glass replacement cost or iPhone 14 pro screen repair cost, you will surely find our pricing market-competitive.

    Why Choose Smart Addiction?

    Having 10+ years in business at Smart Addiction, we offer our iPhone 14 Pro repair services by experienced repair engineers who are experts in providing a wide range of repairs. Interestingly, we also ensure quality repairs and replacement services by using high-quality spare parts and equipment, besides a qualified workforce. So, if you want quality repairs, call us or move to us today in Brooklyn, NYC.

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      How long do repairs take?

      Usually, the repair time depends on the specific issue or intensity of the damage. Most repairs are completed within the same day. However, complex issues may take up few days.

      Do you offer a warranty on repairs?

      Yes, we offer a 90-day warranty on our repairs, whether they’re simple or complex. 

      Do you offer same-day repairs?

      Yes, we offer same-day repair service for your convenience. 

      Do you accept walk-ins, or do I need to make an appointment?

      We welcome walk-ins and provide on-site support without any hassle.  Just move to us for a quick fix.

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