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Acer laptop

Acer Laptop Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Whether your PC has software issues or hardware problems Smart Addiction is with you. Having a deep insight into tech devices along with sound knowledge and practical experience of years, we ensure you provide the world’s best Acer laptop repair service in Brooklyn. So, do you want to get leverage from our expertise? Contact us today and get a quick fix!

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    We Provide a Wide List of Acer Laptop Repairs

    We at Smart Addiction have a legacy of a decade in this business that reflects our excellent and committed service. At Smart Addiction, we handle a number of issues, such as;

    • Battery drainage issue
    • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Overheating issues
    • Slow performance 
    • Water spillage issues
    • Unresponsive keyboard/trackpad
    • Black display
    • Screen flickering and glitching
    • Audio or Visual issues

    So, don’t let your PC down more and move to us ASAP.

    HCL Acer Laptop RepairAcer Laptop Keyboard Repair

    Is there any loose or missing key to your Acer keyboard? Is there any dirt or debris stuck in it? Do its drivers need to update or need software troubleshooting? You can get our professional Acer laptop keyboard repair at Smart Addiction and forget about any issues with it.

    Repair Acer Laptop with Smart Addiction

    Our certified tech professionals provide you the satisfied Acer laptop repair with no hassle. We perform a wide range of repairs using high-quality parts and modern diagnostic techniques. From cleaning to maintenance and repair to replacement, we’ve covered all. Bring your malfunctioned or damaged laptop and get back a properly functioning one in no time

    Acer Laptop Repair Cost

    Depending on the laptop model, the nature of the repair, and the extent of damage, all contribute to the service cost of Acer laptop repair. Overall, our service is cost-efficient, but if any part needs to be replaced, its cost is also included. For our valued customers, we also offer free estimates and consultations.

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      What is the weakness of the Acer Laptop?

      Acer laptops come at a cheap cost and have ordinary processors and hardware components. Such a few aspects are highlighted as weak points of these laptops. 

      What to do if your Acer laptop is not working?

      You can troubleshoot your laptop’s issues by;

      • Checking the battery, charger, or adapter
      • Remove the battery and let it cool
      • Configure the mouse or keyboard 
      • Load default BIOS settings
      • Check and replace faulty RAM
      • Replace the damaged screen
      Can the Acer laptop keyboard be replaced?

      Yes, the Acer laptop has a portable keyboard that can easily be replaced with another one for being a ‘plug-and-play’ device.

      Can I keep my laptop for ten years?

      The average life span of a laptop is about five years, which is considerably less than desktops. However, it may run up to ten years, but it all depends on whether its method of use matches its computing power or not.  

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