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Microsoft Laptop

Microsoft Laptop Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Are you worried about a damaged or malfunctioning laptop? Is it unable to turn on? Does a blue light appear on the screen? Do not worry, Smart Addiction is leading in the industry with a decade of experience and professionalism in dealing with Microsoft laptop repair. Wait no more, visit our shop anytime, or contact us just by filling out a small form below.

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    Microsoft Laptop Repair Service  

    Though Microsoft has certain repair tools such as SFC Scannow, Reset this PC or System Restore, complex issues need a third-party repair shop. Smart Addiction provides Microsoft Windows, Microsoft gaming PC, and Microsoft Surface laptop repair

    Surface laptops are a marvelous creation with a high-range processor and sleek design. We have experience in dealing with Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, Microsoft Surface Laptop SE, Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, and Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2. We repair: 

    • Batteries
    • Fans
    • Cables
    • Case components
    • Motherboards
    • Screens

    So, if you want quality and fast repair, move to Smart Addiction.

    Microsoft posts its own teardown and repair video for the Surface Laptop SE  | Ars TechnicaResolve Any Issue of Laptop with Smart Addiction 

    Smart Addiction is a reliable partner of Microsoft Laptop repair.  We can help you with the following issues:

    Physical Damage

    Smart Addiction is your reliable partner in repairing all components of laptops. Whether it is a damaged screen or the mousepad, we repair every external part.

    Software Troubleshooting

    If your computer is unable to turn off, or it has a blue screen or it is running slow, then there is some internal issue. Bring it to us. We have a dedicated team only for software upgrades.

    Malware Removal

    A virus or malware is injurious to the overall health of your laptop. It slows down the speed and unwanted ads and pop-ups are frustrating. Smart Addiction can remove malware and viruses from your Windows. 

    Microsoft Laptop Repair Cost

    Smart Addiction is famous for its quality repair with competitive pricing. We provide free consultation, free diagnosis, and free estimations. 

    What We Provide

    Smart Addiction is one of the best-repairing agencies in the town. What we are claiming is a result of our hardworking team and expertise with professionalism in dealing with any product. Our technicians are pretty precautious to deal with a product so no further damage could occur. Secondly, we have a policy to work with trusted suppliers. We also offer a 30-day warranty after repair. We are open 24/7, you may approach us anytime. 

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      Can a Microsoft Surface laptop be repaired?

      Yes, a Microsoft Surface Laptop can be repaired. What you need is a trusted repair shop to deal with your expensive product.

      Is a Microsoft Surface easy to repair?

      It depends. Technical issues like malware removal or system upgrades are quite easy to repair. However, the hinge, battery, or keypad repair and BIOS troubleshooting are quite tough to repair.

      How long does Microsoft laptop repair take?

      It depends upon the nature of the repair and the credibility of the repair company. If the problem is simple it may take some hours. However, complex issues require more time. 

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