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Sony Laptop Repair

Sony Vaio Laptop Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Are you worried about a broken Sony laptop? Let Smart Addiction release all your worries. Whether you are facing issues with the battery, hinge, keyboard, or any other component, we are a one-stop solution for all your repairs.

You may contact us anytime for an urgent Sony Vaio Laptop repair or visit our shop in Brooklyn, New York. Our specialists are there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

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    Sony laptop repair Service  

    Sony is a name in itself. Its Vaio Series with premium performance and precision has already taken over the industry.  Vio SX14 is the cherry on top. Its 14-inch touch screen, core i5-1240 processor, and sleek design are a choice for many. Yet these laptops are prone to damage. If you are worried about its damage and malfunctioning, contact Smart Addiction. From our variety of services, we carry out the following Sony Laptop repairs:

    1. Screen Repair
    2. Fan repair
    3. Hard drive repair or update
    4. Hinge repair
    5. Virus removal
    6. Memory upgrade

    It usually takes a day to repair your broken laptop. For complex issues, we may take a little more time.

    Sony Vaio Laptop Repair London – Computer BeingHow Can We Help You 

    There are many reasons behind the malfunctioning Vaio laptops. Maybe the debris build-up in the system or any software issue has halted its functioning. Accidents are also possible. If the screen or a hinge breaks, the device also underperforms. Against all these problems, Smart Addiction is here to rescue you. We have vast experience on working with the Vaio SX series, Vaio Z series, Vaio FE series, etc. 

    Sony Vaio laptop Repair Cost

    The cost of Sony Vaio Laptop Repair depends upon the complexity of the damage and the model of the laptop. We could provide you with free estimations only after an extensive diagnosis of the device. Rest Assured, our prices are pretty affordable.

    Why Choose Smart Addiction

    Smart Addiction encompasses everything a customer needs. We aim to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Our feature in the cap is our engineers and experts. Our employees are well trained as we do not hire any inexperienced workers to deal with your expensive products. Besides this, we perform a wide range of phone, tablet, drone, and laptop repairs. Even for the quality of our spare parts, we are renowned in the market. We use only genuine parts and for that, we are also offering a 30-day warranty. Wait no more. Bring your smashed and broken device to Smart Addiction in Brooklyn and get it repaired within a day.

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      Why is my Sony laptop not turning on?

      If the computer is not turning on check the AC adaptor. Try to replace the battery and AC adaptor. If the problem persists, bring your laptop to a Smrt Addiction. It needs a battery or a motherboard repair or replacement service.

      How do I restore my Sony Vaio laptop?

      You may follow simple procedure”

      • Turn Off Laptop
      • Press Assist Button
      • Press F10 for Recover and Maintain your system option
      • Choose preferred key
      What are the common laptop problems?

      From many, some major problems are:

      • Slow performance
      • Black or Blue screen
      • Overheating
      • Virus or Malware
      • Software failure
      How to do a hard reset on a laptop?

      For a hard reset on the computer, power off the device, then click the Assist Button on the keyboard. Afterward, follow the prompts and click the preferred options to reset.

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